Search Magic Now Available for Shopify!

Just a few weeks ago, I shared our excitement that our flagship advanced search product, Search Magic, was submitted to the Shopify App Store for review.

Today, I’m even more excited to share that the app is now available to the nearly 1M eCommerce stores on the Shopify platform!  Our team has put nearly two years into reaching this milestone  as part of our goal of making Search Magic available not only for Yahoo! Store and Shopify, but for BigCommerce as well.

Search Magic for Shopify is positioned to be one of the most affordable 3rd party search applications that’s out there, with pricing set at $19 a month for a store with 10,000 items or less, and $39 a month for stores with up to 50,000 items.  Plus, we offer a 30-day free trial!

Search Magic Features:

  • Instant Search / Auto Complete – Shows suggested search terms and products as you type them in the search box.
  • Spelling Error Correction – When a misspelled word is detected, Search Magic displays a link with the correct word.
  • Synonyms – easily setup synonyms for search terms, so if a user misspells a word or uses an alternate version of a word the products they were searching for will still be displayed.
  • Filtering and Sorting – Sort by Search Relevancy, Name, Price Low to High, Price High to Low. Each Filter includes the option to show results for selected filter A AND selected filter B, or selected filter A OR selected filter B.
  • Keyword Redirects – Redirect users to a specific page if a specific term is searched.
  • Single Result Redirect – Optional feature that allows a single result term to auto-redirect directly to the item page.
  • Bookmarkable Search Results – Bookmarking a search results page will automatically display the results when recalled.
  • Adjust Search Results Order – Allows you to boost search results based on fields in Search Magic. (Example: You can boost specific brands to be ranked higher than other products.)
  • SKU Search – Do a seperate search to match product SKU to redirect directly to the product.
  • Suggested Products – When a search is conducted, Instant Search / Autocomplete will show suggested products based on search terms.

Layout / Design Features:

  • Responsive / Mobile Friendly – Search Magic is built to be 100% compatible with all site designs including adaptive, responsive and mobile websites.
  • Two Layouts to Choose From – Select either a horizontal or vertical layout for the filtering / sorting / pagination bar depending on the design of your store.
  • Font & Colors – Font, colors and the overall look and feel of Search Magic’s search templates can be customized to match your store.

Admin Functionality:

  • Search Activity Reporting – Shows the most popular search terms, total number of searches, number of instant searches, average order value, total value of orders from search, and more.
  • Admin Dashboard – Manage all your settings in one place with the app’s built-in dashboard.
  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics is fully built in and visible from your admin dashboard.

Ready to add Search Magic to your Shopify store?  All you need to do is visit this link: and follow the steps in the setup wizard.  We’ve designed the setup process to be quick and simple but, as always, we’re here to support you every step of the way should you have questions.  Support options will be presented to you during the installation process.

For merchants who are currently on the BigCommerce platform, you’re next!  Our team has been laying the groundwork for Search Magic to be available for you and I hope to have more information on availability later this year.

Search Magic Coming Soon to Shopify – How to Get Early Access

Today marks an important milestone in the history of Your Store Wizards.  A day nearly two years in the making with our development team putting in a countless number of hours along with many late nights and weekends.

One of our company’s long-term goals is to expand the number of platforms our flagship advanced search application, Search Magic, is available for.  Having been powering many of the largest eCommerce stores on the Yahoo! Store platform for several years, it was time to expand our reach.

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Yahoo! Small Business Store Update April 23, 2020

Surprise! In case you haven’t logged into your Yahoo! Store yet today you may want to before reading on as we don’t want to be the ones to spill the beans before you find out about some changes that occurred overnight.

For those of you who are OK with us spoiling it, Yahoo! took out the paintbrush and feather duster and gave the backend a bit of a refresh. While nothing functionally changed (although we’re a sucker for new feature releases) this update got rid of the yellow and green look that has been around… well, for a long time!

Changing item or page IDs in your Yahoo! Store now can be done thanks to the Change Item ID Tool.

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Save the Date: Your Store Wizards COVID-19 Virtual Meet-Up

April 10, 2020


First off, all of us at Your Store Wizards hope that you, your family, and your employees are healthy and staying strong under these unprecedented circumstances.

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we go about our daily lives and how we conduct business.  We know that the eCommerce community is not immune to the challenges the Corona Virus is creating.

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Directory of eCommerce Stores with COVID-19 Supplies for Sale

Your Store Wizards is creating a directory of eCommerce businesses that are selling supplies to help others in the online store community during the COVID-19 crisis.

From masks and gloves for warehouse and delivery drivers to take-out containers for restaurants, if you sell supplies B2B or B2C that can help fellow eCommerce merchants who may have a hard time obtaining them, consider listing your business.

There is no cost to list your small business and we will keep the list updated with new additions, so be sure to check it often if you’re looking for supplies.

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Google Chrome Update to Force Unsecure Content to HTTPS

If you’re one of the last remaining site owners who haven’t moved to https:// yet, an important date is coming up that may just be the push you need to get this long-overdue task completed.

The next update for Google Chrome, the world’s most widely used web browser, is set to be released on April 7, 2020, and will be version 81. This update will automatically force content from http:// to https://.

What does this mean? The simplest example I can give is this – if you have images located at BUT your site does not use https://, Google Chrome will force that image to load from and display it as broken.

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A Guide to Working Remotely

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to develop and evolve with each passing day, there may be a point where you and some of your employees may have to work remotely. While not all functions of an eCommerce business can be run from a home or remote office, some can such as marketing, finance, customer support, and more.

Yesterday, I shared information on how to prepare a contingency plan for your business. In it, I addressed how businesses should be ready to have employees work from home or an alternate location if necessary. Today, I’m sharing tips on how to efficiently work remotely.

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Important Yahoo! Store Update Effective April 10, 2020

Yahoo! Small Business has begun to notify merchants on the Yahoo! Store / Yahoo! Merchant Solutions platform of an important security update which will roll out on April 10, 2020.

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Does the CCPA Apply to Your eCommerce Business?

By now you probably have heard of a new law that went into effect on January 1, 2020, in the state of California.  Designed to protect consumer rights in relation to how businesses collect, use, and share information from website visitors, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) may or may not impact your eCommerce business.

While the CCPA impacts any for-profit business that transacts in the state, whether or not your company needs to comply is an important question on the minds of many small business owners.

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Happy New Year!

Your Store Wizards is proud to celebrate our 20th year in business in 2020.  We were founded in December of 1999.  We wanted to take a minute to thank each and every customer and partner we’ve met over the years.  Let’s make 2020 the best year ever!

Let’s face it, we have the best customers. Our customers are the best in the business and working with every one of you is why we wake up every day and move ahead.  Without our customers, we’d be nothing.

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