Introducing Your Store Tools: Free Tools to Help Manage Your eCommerce Store

Our team of developers is always on the lookout for ways to help merchants save time doing common tasks in their eCommerce stores.  Whether it’s through creating a browser extension like Magic Edit for Google Chrome that gives you quick access to your store editor, or the ability to use a .csv file to quickly update things in your store, we build tools to help maximize your time during the day.

Over the course of the past few months, we’ve been busy creating Your Store Tools – a magic toolbox that’s chock full of different tools that store owners can use to conquer common tasks quickly.  Our initial release includes a set of tools for the BigCommerce platform with tools for Shopify and Turbify coming soon!

If you’re on the Shopify or Turbify platform, we encourage you to let us know what existing tools you’d like to see us include for your platform, as well as share your thoughts on new ones.  Please click here to access our submission form.

The best part about Your Store Tools is that it’s free!  Our ever-expanding set of free tools will always be available for you to use at no cost whatsoever.

Your Store Tools FREE Tool Set:

  • Product Export:  Export your products into a .csv file for convenient offline editing, giving you the flexibility to make changes and updates to your product catalog offline for import later.
  • Product Import:  Use this tool to import a .csv file to your store to either update existing products that you edited offline or use it to create brand-new products in bulk.
  • Category Export:  Export all categories from your store into a single .csv file, enabling you to make changes and updates to your categories that you can import later.
  • Category Import:  This tool provides a convenient and efficient way to manage categories within your store. You can easily create new categories or update existing ones by uploading a .csv file.
  • Download Product Images: This tool generates a .zip file that contains your product images along with an optional CSV file to assist with importing them back into your store or another platform.
  • URL Redirect Uploader:  With this tool, you can avoid the tiresome task of entering redirects individually by uploading them in a file to your eCommerce store.

In addition to our free tools, we also offer premium tools that you can subscribe to on a monthly basis.  Once you set up a Your Store Tools account, you’ll see which premium tools are available and the pricing for each.  

Currently, as we await its debut in the BigCommerce App Store, our first premium tool is available for immediate use and is one that former Turbify store owners will want to check out!

CopyCat Category Duplicator adds the ability for you to copy an existing category and place it in an additional location in your BigCommerce store.  You can choose to have the copy automatically sync with the original, or just live as a duplicate that you can manually update.  CopyCat instantly increases product visibility and takes your merchandising opportunities to the next level.

Here’s how CopyCat works. Underneath your parent category called “Men’s Shoes” you have a sub-category called “Boy’s Sneakers” that you would like to also place under a parent category called “Children’s Shoes.” Without CopyCat you would need to create an entirely new sub-category called “Boy’s Sneakers 2” and manually assign the items you want to place in it.

That’s a lot of work! Not to mention, each time you add a new pair of boy’s sneakers to your product line, you have to add that item to TWO categories. Over time, this is a lot to maintain and odds are you’re going to miss adding new items to multiple sub-categories.

CopyCat solves this problem by allowing you to choose a category you’d like to duplicate and it creates a brand-new one that can then be placed under a different parent. Plus, you can choose to auto-sync the new category with the original so any time you add or delete items to the original category, your CopyCat-created sub-category will automatically synchronize.

All Your Store Tools users will receive these benefits:

  • Unlimited use of all available free tools
  • Free technical support
  • Access to all support documentation and videos on our support portal
  • Access to beta test free and premium tools prior to general availability
  • Special offers on Your Store Wizards products and services throughout the year
  • Pre-Release access to apps before they launch in the platform’s app store
  • Extended free trials for premium tools beyond what is offered in the platform’s app store
  • Invites to participate in surveys/virtual meetups to discuss future tools

By now I hope you’re excited to check out Your Store Tools for yourself!  To get started, simply visit to set up your free account*. 

*Please note, that you will need to have Store Owner access to your BigCommerce store in order to create an account, as an API key needs to be created.  Instructions on how to do this can be found here along with a video walking you through the process.

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