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Author: Scott Sanfilippo

Basic Tips for Effective Email Marketing

There are plenty of different ways to market your eCommerce store and without a doubt, pay-per-click advertising is the most immediate and effective but let’s face it, it can be expensive.  Email marketing is a cost-effective way to engage with your customers and drive sales. Store owners seem to take a divided approach to email […]

Common Issues When Migrating from Yahoo! Store to BigCommerce

Moving your eCommerce store from Yahoo! / Verizon Small Business Essentials to BigCommerce is a big step for your business, but you’ll soon discover the benefits your new platform offers for both you and your shoppers. Before embarking on your platform migration, there is one important thing you need to do.  Keep an open mind!  […]

Search Magic Update: New Feature Release (May 5, 2022)

The latest release to Search Magic is now live and adds additional functionality and search improvements. This update is applicable for BigCommerce and Shopify users. Custom “Sort By” Default Label It’s now possible to change the default sort label from “Relevancy” to anything you want!  Examples may include “Best Fit,” “Best Matches,” “Top Sellers”, “Most Popular,” […]

Top 5 Ranking Factors to Consider in 2022

When it comes to getting your eCommerce store ranked high in organic search results, there is no magic bullet. Many people think that by opening an online store the traffic will automatically come and sales with soar overnight. If that were only true! In a time when you pretty much have to rely on pay-per-click […]

Give Your eCommerce Store a Fresh Look Without a Redesign

If you go back 20 years ago, website redesigns were something that store owners did every 12 to 18 months. Full redesigns were necessary “back then” due to how quickly technology was changing and online shopping was evolving. Developers were constantly coming out with new features like expanding navigation bars, multiple different click-to-enlarge tools, quick […]

BigCommerce Training: How to Create and Organize Product Categories

Having a good navigation structure for your eCommerce store is key in making sure shoppers find exactly the products they’re looking for quickly and easily.  By creating product categories you can create a roadmap for them to follow while shopping.  Thankfully, BigCommerce makes creating and organizing product categories easy! Below you’ll find a video of […]

BigCommerce Training: How to Create a Coupon Code with the Promotions Engine

Deals drive shoppers and increase average order values, so why not offer your customers a reason to shop at your store?  Creating coupon codes in BigCommerce is simple and only takes a few moments.  Once created you can share your codes via social media, email marketing, etc in order to put them to work for […]

BigCommerce Training: How to Create a Coupon Code with the Legacy Editor

Offering customers discounts and promotions is a great way to attract new shoppers, increase average order values, and thank your most loyal customers.  The simplest way to do this is by creating a coupon code that customers can use at the checkout. If you’re on the BigCommerce platform, creating a coupon code is a quick […]

Register Now for the BigCommerce April 2022 Town Hall

It’s time to register for the next BigCommerce Town Hall scheduled for Wednesday, April 27, 2022, at 4 pm ET. These monthly virtual get-togethers give merchants, developers, and partners the opportunity to learn about the latest platform updates, a sneak peek at what’s coming, and a live question and answer session with senior leadership including […]

BigCommerce Training Video: How to Create a V2/V3 API Token

Your Store Wizards, or another BigCommerce developer, may ask you to create a V2/V3 API Token for them in order to do development work on your store. This is a very straightforward and simple process that only takes a minute to complete.  To assist you, we’ve outlined the steps below and included a video walk-thru […]