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Important Information About BigCommerce’s SCSS Update

If you’re a BigCommerce store owner, you might have recently received a notification in your control panel or via email regarding an important update. This announcement concerns an update with BigCommerce’s styling approach – specifically, SCSS (Sassy CSS). With a deadline of January 31, 2024, it’s crucial for you to update your store’s theme to ensure uninterrupted functionality of your storefront.

If you received this notification, it’s crucial for you to update your store’s theme to ensure uninterrupted functionality of your storefront by January 31, 2024.  In this article, we’ll explain a bit about SCSS, the importance of the update, and how Store Wizards can assist you in making sure your theme is up to date.

Understanding SCSS: The Engine That Powers Your Store’s Look

Behind the attractive visuals and seamless user experience of your BigCommerce store lies SCSS. This powerful language dictates the style of your buttons, colors, fonts, and every element that defines your brand identity online. Think of it as the engine that drives your storefront’s visual presentation and user interactions.

SCSS is an extension of CSS that enables more advanced styling capabilities. It allows for variables, nested rules, mixins, and more, which simplifies the CSS syntax and enhances the efficiency and maintainability of style sheets.

Why is BigCommerce Making this SCSS Update?

BigCommerce is updating its technology stack by phasing out the current SASS compiler, known as the node-sass fork, in favor of a more modern version, node-sass. This change is important because it will enable BigCommerce to support the latest versions of Node.js, specifically Node 18.

For those who may not be familiar with these terms, here’s a simpler explanation: SASS is a tool used in web development to create CSS stylesheets. CSS stylesheets are what give a website, including online storefronts, their look and feel – like colors, layouts, and fonts. The update to the newer node-sass version is a crucial step in maintaining the security and efficiency of BigCommerce platforms. It ensures that the software used is up to date and not vulnerable to security risks, which is essential for protecting the websites and online stores hosted on BigCommerce.

Theme Compatibility: Ensuring Optimal Performance

Some themes, particularly older ones, might require slight adjustments to adapt to the new SCSS update.  SCSS impacts themes because it changes the way styles are written and processed. Themes that rely on older CSS methods might become incompatible or display incorrectly if not updated. Even popular themes like Cornerstone and Blueprint, as well as those built on older SCSS versions, may be affected. However, most themes should seamlessly transition to the new system or require minimal updates.

Even if your BigCommerce store has a custom design, this update still applies. SCSS forms the foundation upon which your entire storefront rests, affecting visual presentation, user interaction, and functionality. Updating it doesn’t change the aesthetics – it strengthens the core functionality and ensures compatibility with the latest web technologies.

Partnering with Store Wizards for a Smooth Update Process

At Store Wizards, we understand the complexities of managing online storefronts and the potential concerns surrounding system updates. We offer comprehensive services to help you navigate the BigCommerce SCSS update with minimal disruption.

For $149, we will provide an in-depth theme code review to analyze your current theme, identify any areas that will be impacted by the new SCSS update, and provide you with a clear, actionable plan. It’s like a detailed roadmap for your theme’s upgrade, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

If you choose us to handle the actual update, the $149 fee is credited towards the total cost.

The BigCommerce SCSS update is a significant change that impacted store owners must address before the deadline. While it may seem daunting, it is a necessary step to ensure your online store remains operational and competitive. With our expertise, you can make this transition smoothly and efficiently. Remember, the deadline is January 31, 2024, so it’s important to act now.

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