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Common Issues When Migrating from Yahoo! Store to BigCommerce

Moving your eCommerce store from Yahoo! / Verizon Small Business Essentials to BigCommerce is a big step for your business, but you’ll soon discover the benefits your new platform offers for both you and your shoppers. Before embarking on your platform migration, there is one important thing you need to do.  Keep an open mind!  […]

BigCommerce Training Video: Item Options -vs- Modifiers

One of the most common issues we tackle when migrating an existing eCommerce store to BigCommerce is determining how the store owner wants to handle product options such as size and color.  In BigCommerce, there are more robust ways to handle product options by using variations (aka options) and modifiers. Variations are used for products […]

Free Isn’t Always Better When it Comes to Product Data Feeds

BigCommerce recently introduced an app called Ads and Listings on Google that allows merchants to sync their store’s products to Google Merchant Center.  Once synched they can then be used for free listings on Google. Google’s free listings appear in the Shopping tab within Google’s search results.  This allows merchants with little to no budget […]

Surprising 2021 Cyber Week eCommerce Numbers

Congratulations!  You made it through Black Friday and Cyber Monday with hopefully record sales for your eCommerce store.  There’s no doubt that this holiday season had its share of challenges – from supply chain shortages to shipping carrier delays but hang in there. On the supply chain side, if your holiday sales numbers seemed a […]

Important 2021 Holiday Dates for eCommerce Store Owners

It’s hard to believe that 2021 is almost over! It’s even harder to believe that the holiday season is right around the corner.  With that said, now is the time to get all your last-minute holiday to-do’s buttoned up before the orders start rolling in. By now, you should have your 2021 marketing calendar finalized […]

Get Your eCommerce Store Holiday Ready with these Tips

Welcome to the 4th quarter of 2021 and what a year it has been for eCommerce. Online sales are higher than ever, more and more people are shopping from their computers and smartphones than ever before due to the pandemic, and there’s no sign of slowing down. Let’s face it, COVID-19 changed the way most […]

2021 Holiday Season Survival Guide Part 3: Customer Service

As we inch closer and closer to the holidays, by this time you should have your inventory beefed up, your holiday sales planned out with a corresponding marketing calendar, and your warehouse primed to handle the increased demand that is just a few weeks away. But there’s one more thing we need to touch on […]

Having a Sale? Create Deal Pages to Get Extra Attention from Google!

Hooray for the holidays! Especially this year when online shopping is expected to blow estimates out of the water. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new wave of people who just recently made their first online purchase. And we all know that online shopping is like a piece of candy, one bite and you keep […]

2021 Holiday Season Survival Guide Part 2: Site Search

Welcome to the second installment of our Holiday Survival Guide. Previously we discussed shipping challenges that eCommerce store owners may face this season due to unprecedented package demand coupled with the lingering impacts of COVID-19. Today we’re going to discuss an often-overlooked element of the shopping experience – site search. Believe it or not, many […]

2021 Holiday Season Survival Guide Part 1: Shipping

It may be June and your sights are probably set on the summer vacation plans you have coming up, but there’s also something you should be looking forward to… the holidays! There, I said it. Yes, it’s time to start thinking about the holiday shopping season that gets underway in less than five months. The […]