BigCommerce Training Video: User Management

We all know how important security is when we’re using the Internet for online banking, making a purchase, filling out a credit application, etc. We go to great lengths, personally, to make sure we set up complex passwords and never share our login information with others.

When it comes to business, data security and access control is paramount to not only protecting your company data but your customer’s as well. eCommerce stores have a responsibility to ensure that customer data including payment and personal information, order history, etc. is secured.

For online store owners using the BigCommerce eCommerce platform, user management is an important first step in protecting that information. When creating users in BigCommerce, you are able to select which areas and functions they will have access to. For example, your customer service representatives will have access to order, customer and payment information, while a 3rd party developer will not.

In this BigCommerce training video, Don Cole walks you through the steps you take in the control panel to set up and assign access to specific individuals.

As a reminder, we encourage you to never share a single login with multiple individuals. Each person who needs to have access to the backend of your BigCommerce store should have their own individual login credentials and have access only to the areas they need access to in order to do their job.

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