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BigCommerce Training Video: Item Options -vs- Modifiers

One of the most common issues we tackle when migrating an existing eCommerce store to BigCommerce is determining how the store owner wants to handle product options such as size and color.  In BigCommerce, there are more robust ways to handle product options by using variations (aka options) and modifiers.

Variations are used for products that are available in different colors, sizes, or styles. A common use case for variations is for clothing that comes in several colors and sizes.  Variants can have their own image, price, and weight, and they typically have their own SKU to track inventory.

Modifiers (aka customizations) are used to modify products (or variants) and provide a way to conditionally change their price or weight. For example, if you sell personalized products, you might include a checkbox that adds $5 if shoppers want to add their name, and a text field so they can enter it.  Customizations are used to modify existing products or variants, not to generate new ones, so they do not have SKUs or stock. They can be required or optional.

Store owners coming to BigCommerce from other platforms will need to decide how to set up their product options prior to migrating data.  While there is support documentation available on this subject, we decided to dive in a bit deeper into options -vs- modifiers in our latest BigCommerce training video.


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