BigCommerce Training Video: Customizing URL Structures

One of the biggest issues eCommerce store owners face when it comes to migration from one platform to another is how to preserve their URL structure. Let’s face it, nobody wants to put in thousands of redirects!

However, just like you forward your mail from your old address to a new one, the same theory applies if you’re switching platforms and your new store’s URL structure differs from your old one.

BigCommerce realized this is a major issue, so they built in the ability for you to customize the structure of your URLs. Within the control panel, you can set up how you want your URLs to be for product pages, category/section pages, and your webpage URL.

Now, it may not be possible to match the structure of your current store exactly, but this tool should solve the issue for 95% of store owners looking to replatform to BigCommerce.

If by chance, you can’t match your current structure within BigCommerce, there’s also the ability for you to enter 301 redirects to make sure the search engines know exactly where to direct traffic.

To see just how easy it is to customize URLs within BigCommerce, take a look at the video below where Don Cole walks you through the entire process and shows you what options are available.

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If you’re considering moving your store to BigCommerce, or would like to discuss what a platform migration involves, we’re here to help. We’ve migrated dozens of stores from a variety of platforms and can help with your move as well.

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