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Store Backups from Rewind – Protection from the Unexpected for BigCommerce and Shopify Stores

See if this scenario is familiar to you. You just spent some time working on your eCommerce store, everything looks great, seems to be working, and you’re ready to move on to something else. An hour later, the phone starts ringing, emails start coming in… customer’s can’t place an order.


You don’t know what you did, but you ended up breaking something.

For many, there’s only one or two options. Retrace your steps and try to find what you did and fix it, or jump on the phone with your developer and pay them to troubleshoot.

But what if you were able to turn back time and restore your store from a backup so you could be back in business in just seconds?

Sounds fantastic, right? Well it is!

If your store is on the BigCommerce or Shopify platform, our partnership with Rewind allows you to do just that. Rewind is the leader in automated backups for mission critical applications such as eCommerce stores.

Here’s how it works. Once installed on your store Rewind does a complete backup of your store every day at midnight, so in the event you really messed things up, you can go back to the previous day’s backup and restore your site like nothing ever happened.  Or, on-demand backups cover you when you’re making changes and just need to restore individual items, multiple items , or your entire store to a time when everything worked perfectly.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, there’s no better time to protect your site with backups by Rewind.

You may be thinking, “Doesn’t BigCommerce or Shopify already back up my store?” The simple answer is, no. If you mistakenly delete all your products from your store, those items are lost forever unless you have a backup solution. BigCommerce and Shopify only have disaster recovery backups – meaning backups that are used to recover the entire platform in case of a major service outage.

We highly recommend merchants on BigCommerce and Shopify use an app like Rewind to backup your store on a daily basis. This is especially important at this time of the year when store downtime results in double the lost sales.

In our experience, we’ve seen people lose data and it’s incredibly frustrating and expensive to fix the issue without a backup. That’s why we recommend that all of our clients use Rewind. For more information, pricing, or to schedule a demo, simply fill out the form below. Please note, this service is not available for customers on the Yahoo! Store platform.

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