Magic Sorter Feature Update – February 2022 Part 2

Earlier this month we rolled out additional enhancements to our Magic Sorter app for BigCommerce which you can read about here.  This week, we have even more updates based on your feedback!

The latest release, which is now live, features the following enhancements:

Updated Display Options
You can now customize the look of your dashboard via the Display Options drop down.  From here you can change the number of products per column, the ability to show/not show out of stock products or show/not show products marked “Not Visible.”  These options will NOT impact how they are displayed on the live store, only in your Magic Sorter dashboard.

Bulk Sort Options Moved
The user interface was reorganized to break the Bult Sort Options into their own drop-down.

Status Icons Added to Products
Magic Sorter will now automatically put a status icon on products that are marked as “Out of Stock” or “Not Visible” which will allow you to easily identify products that you may want to move lower down on the page.

Additional Default Sort Options
In addition to the existing default sort options such as “Best Selling” or “Just Added,” we’ve added “In Stock” and “Out of Stock.”

  • “In Stock” moves all items that are unavailable to the bottom of the page.
  • “Out of Stock” moves all items that are unavailable to the top of the page.

If either of these options are set as a “Property Sort,” when their stock status changes, they will automatically be moved to the appropriate location on the page.

More information on Magic Sorter for BigCommerce can be found here and the app can be downloaded from the BigCommerce app store.

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