Magic Sorter Feature Update – February 2022

This month we have some exciting updates to our Magic Sorter app for BigCommerce that are based on feedback we received from our users.  As always, please feel free to email us at with suggestions and feature requests that we can consider for future releases.

The latest release, which is now live, features the following enhancements:

More Descriptive Category Search Results
If you have more than one category with the same name, it is now easier to find the correct one from the drop-down list. Now you are able to see the category id, category name, category URL, and category path in the drop-down as you search.

“Search By” Options Expanded
In conjunction with the descriptive search results, you can now use the “Search By” drop-down to select specific fields to pull search results from.  By default, Magic Sorter will search category id, name, URL, and path.  This update allows you to select one or any combination of those fields to search.

Quick Links Added to Sort Screen
To improve the user experience and allow quick access to category pages, we now include category information along with links to the category page on the live store and in the BigCommerce editor.

More information on Magic Sorter for BigCommerce can be found here and the app can be downloaded from the BigCommerce app store.

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