Important Yahoo! Store Update Effective April 10, 2020

Yahoo! Small Business has begun to notify merchants on the Yahoo! Store / Yahoo! Merchant Solutions platform of an important security update which will roll out on April 10, 2020.

An email to store owners, from Yahoo!, says:

With recent developments in internet privacy and security, many sites and services need to make adjustments. That’s why on April 10, 2020, we will require the Store Editor to load securely via HTTPS. 

What does this mean?

If you have not taken steps to secure your storefront, any images or scripts you have hosted insecurely via HTTP may fail to load. The exact impact will vary from account to account, but should be limited to your Editor and not affect your live site. We also strongly encourage you to learn more about this feature and secure your storefront if you have not already.

For quite some time now, Yahoo! has allowed merchants the ability to secure their storefront (non-checkout pages) via HTTPS.  This latest announcement is another update to further enhance security across the entire Store platform, including the editor.



Many store owners have been slow to move to sitewide HTTPS despite a significant push from Yahoo!, notices about search results impacts from Google, and the confidence a fully secure site has with today’s consumers.

If you’ve been putting off implementing HTTPS on your Yahoo! Store, it’s time to do it before this update rolls out on April 10, 2020.  If you choose to not pursue updating your store, there is no guarantee your store will function properly when loaded in the editor.

For information on how to enable HTTPS in your store, Yahoo! provides a help article located here.  For store owners with custom-designed sites, custom templates, multiple scripts, and more complex stores, it is recommended you work with a trusted Yahoo! Store developer to complete this process.

Your Store Wizards is standing by and ready to assist store owners who have not enabled HTTPS.  Our SSL Image and Code Cleanup Service will take care of all the work associated with enabling HTTPS on your store.  You can order this service by clicking here.

It is recommended this update is implemented BEFORE the April 10, 2020 rollout to avoid any interruption in your ability to use your store editor.

If you have questions regarding HTTPS on your Yahoo! Store, please email us at

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