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Important Message for Solid Cactus Customers: Resolving Yahoo! Store Errors

Over the past few months, we have updated our Yahoo! Store clients about several changes and updates in regards site security. We’ve also communicated the importance of making sure all files, scripts, images, etc. are called via HTTPS to ensure your site is not loading mixed content and sending security messages to your visitors.

Over the past several days, we have received support requests from current and past customers of Solid Cactus about site security errors, most noticeably the absence of a secure “lock” in visitor’s web browsers.

An example of what a visitor will see in their web browsers URL search box when visiting an unsecure website.

After investigating, we have found that several of this developer’s scripts are being called either by non-secure methods, or the secure URL is referencing a server that has either been decommissioned or running an invalid/expired SSL certificate.

If you are, or were, a customer of Solid Cactus and have at one time used either their Feed Perfect, AccuRate Shipping Manager, Star Product Reviews, or Cactus Connect products, your site may not be displaying a “lock” indicating a secure connection, or your visitors may be presented with errors upon loading pages or entering the checkout.

To determine whether or not your site is impacted, we’ve put together a quick checklist:

  • Have you ever used Feed Perfect, AccuRate Shipping Manager, Star Product Review or Cactus Connect on your Yahoo! Store?
    • Yes – Proceed to the next question.
    • No – your site is probably not impacted, but you may want to proceed to the section called “Next Steps” below
  • Is your site displaying a “lock” in the Omnibox of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Apple Safari?
    • Yes – you should be good to go!
    • No – you have scripts, files, or images that are not loading securely.  Proceed to the section called “Next Steps” below.

Next Steps:
If you believe your site is impacted we encourage you to first contact the developer of those scripts to request a fix or have them removed. If you do not wish to contact the developer, or are not sure if these scripts are causing issues on your Yahoo! Store, we recommend that you purchase our ScriptCheck service that will review your site and remove scripts that are invalid or need updating.

Having a secure website is the first step to instilling confidence in your shoppers. Take the steps today to make sure that confidence isn’t broken due to security errors or content being loaded from a mix of secure and non-secure locations.

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