ICYMI: Our New 2019 Products & Apps

Our development calendar for 2019 is pretty full and while we released several new products and updated existing ones, we’re not done yet. In fact, the team is heads-down, knee-deep in projects that I haven’t spoken about, but are going to be exciting additions for Yahoo!, Big Commerce, and Shopify store owners.

In case you missed what came out so far this year, here’s a quick recap:

Magic Pixel
Late last year, Apple introduced Intelligent Tracking Protocol (ITP) 2.0 which blocked third-party cookies on their Safari browser which runs on MacOS and iOS. This change impacts the way visitors are tracked and whether they convert or not.

In order to combat this, old tracking scripts need to be removed and replaced with new ones from each provider. If another change is required, the tracking script would need to be updated again.

This could be a very time consuming and challenging process for store owners, since you need to install, test, and verify to make sure data is being passed correctly and tracked properly.

Our team solved this problem by creating one pixel, a Magic Pixel, that does the work of multiple scripts.

Magic Pixel works behind the scenes to ensure that accurate data is reported for Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, ShareASale and Commission Junction.

Because Magic Pixel is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, you don’t have to worry about updates later on. When the providers mentioned above release an update, we do all the work to keep your store updated and your data accurate.

Any store owner recognizes the fact that getting accurate analytical data is critical to making sure ad dollars are being spent wisely and site visitors are converting, which is why Magic Pixel is a must-have.

Learn more about it here.

Prop 65 Wizard
If you’ve been following the evolution of Prop 65 in California, you know the time to comply is now in order to avoid penalties.

First, some background. The state of California requires merchants who sell products that contain certain ingredients/components that are deemed to be health hazards to be labeled as such. Anyone who lives in or has visited the state has seen these warnings in every public and private venue.

For eCommerce store owners selling products that fall under Prop 65, you are required to provide notice to California consumers while you don’t have to do it with other states. That’s where our Prop 65 Wizard comes in.

Using geolocation technology, Prop 65 Wizard identifies shoppers from California and if they add an item to their shopping cart that you setup as a Prop 65 item, they are presented with the required notice, while shoppers outside the state will not.

If an item impacted by Prop 65 is added to a cart by a shopper in California, a compliant warning message will be displayed via our Prop 65 Wizard.
If an item impacted by Prop 65 is added to a cart by a shopper in California, a compliant warning message will be displayed via our Prop 65 Wizard.

Any store that sells products that fall under Proposition 65 needs this service to avoid costly penalties for not providing consumers with proper notice.

More information on our Prop 65 Wizard can be found here.

AMP Wizard
Our biggest, and most popular product of the year so far, is our AMP Wizard service.

With Google now using page speed as a ranking factor for both desktop and mobile searches, their recommendation for site owners is to serve up AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) versions of web pages. AMP pages are designed to be lightning-fast versions of your main website that are presented to mobile search users.

AMP is not a replacement for a responsive/adaptive website or a mobile version (m.domainname.com) site. AMP works behind the scenes and pages are only served to users searching for your site from a mobile device.

AMP Wizard takes your existing store, creates AMP version of all pages, and sends them to the Google to be part of the cache. When you update, add new pages, etc., AMP Wizard automatically updates Google with these additions and changes.

I’ve talked extensively about the need for store owners to embrace AMP and its multiple advantages. Read more about AMP Wizard and why it’s a must-have app, here.

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Happy Selling!

Scott Sanfilippo
General Manager, YSW

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