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ITP – Intelligent Tracking Prevention… Introducing Magic Pixel

Would you drive your car without being able to tell how fast you’re driving?  Or how much gas is left in the tank? No Way!  So why would you run advertising, affiliates, or even try to analyze your traffic without accurate reporting?    Every service out there you use needs some tracking script installed and tuned to work well, and with the latest browser changes and script updates, it gets even worse.  How would you like to be able to know that it’s taken care of, and any future updates will just be handled for you?  Magic Pixel, supported by your trusted team of Wizards is here to solve the problem.

Why do I need Magic Pixel?

Tracking is key to understanding your traffic, your advertising, and much more.  You can’t reliably dive into the numbers if they simply aren’t correct.  Even more importantly, there are numerous changes coming out in browsers (Safari 12, Firefox 63+) that impact the browsers ability to track your visitors and where they came from.  In order to mitigate these, each service is releasing updated tagging which needs to be installed, tweaked and tested.

Magic Pixel lets us do the dirty work of getting them in, making sure they work, and continually updating and monitoring for changes.  We’ll also be continuing to improve the reporting so it can include as much information as we can to maximize your ability to target your ads or track how your site is performing.

Why won’t simply installing the scripts from each service work?
In a perfect world, you could just drop in the scripts and they’d magically work.  Unfortunately there are many factors at play that can cause your tracking to fail or get incomplete results.  These include:
  • ITP 2.0 in Safari (and soon to be firefox) which blocks 3rd party cookies
  • Incorrect or incomplete installs
  • Installs that don’t properly account for Yahoo’s variables and settings
  • Same domain checkout
So our Magic Pixel service includes not only the installation (to work well) but also we’ll help set up or confirm your settings in the various services, and we provide continual support in case something “just breaks” on your site and it stops reporting.  We even include a reporting guarantee that if it doesn’t report correctly, you don’t pay.
What is ITP 2.0 and why do I care?
ITP stands for Intelligent Tracking Prevention.  With the latest Safari version, and soon Firefox, they’ve added blocking which makes a number of changes which makes tracking more challenging.  The technical article is at https://webkit.org/blog/8311/intelligent-tracking-prevention-2-0/ but the nuts and bolts are three things.
  • 3rd Party cookies no longer will track, any cookies must be set on the domain being visited (and must have interactions)
  • Referrer data may be limited to top level domain.
  • Domain redirects (when clicking a link goes to one site then redirects to another) may not operate the same (won’t save the cookie)
So this drastically changes things and many services are releasing updated scripts for tracking, some are rewrites and just require new installs, others require the store owner add their own scripts for storing the info needed.
What does the Magic Pixel Service do?
Magic pixel is built to do one thing, and do one thing well, make sure you get accurate reporting to services that need it for sales numbers, referrals and analytics.  Our installs not only guarantee data properly transfers from store to checkout, but we also include troubleshooting and analysis if for any reason data isn’t properly being sent to the various services.
What services does the Magic Pixel support?
Google Analytics
Google Adwords
Commission Junction
… and more to come…
How do I know it will work for my store?
We guarantee that we will get the individual tags generating valid reporting for the services you are tracking, or you simply don’t pay.  If we can’t get it working, you don’t pay installation or any monthly fee.  If at some point something changes and we aren’t able to fix it, we will remove the service and you simply don’t pay anymore.  We’re that sure that we can get your numbers reporting for you.
Can you help with tracking from other services?
Yes, we can.  We’ll need to review each service and it’s requirements to confirm and it may involve additional installation costs, but we’ll let you know when we review.  If we can’t, you don’t pay.
How much does Magic Pixel Cost?
Magic Pixel has a one time introductory install cost of $199.
You then select from one of two plans, it’s that easy.

The Standard Plan – $19.95 /mo

  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords

The Premium Plan – $35.95 /mo

  • Includes Google Analytics and Google AdWords
  • Facebook Tracking
  • Bing
  • Commission Junction
  • Share a Sale
  • and more…
What if we need a datafeed for Facebook (or other services)?
We can help with that. It’s not part of the Magic Pixel but we have our Feed wizards service which has been doing data feeds for Yahoo! stores since 2004.  Just contact us and we can get you rolling.
Can I have Magic Pixel installed without the recurring cost?
Unfortunately not at this time.  The recurring cost allows us to host the technology that makes it all work, plus update and tweak the reporting as needed as services or browser technology changes.  We believe that accurate numbers, backed by the power of the Wizards, will save you far more than the small monthly cost to keep it all running.
Can we use Google Tag Manager to install Magic Pixel?
Yes, we can.  If you don’t have tag manager, we can install it as well for you so you not only have it installed but getting more data for it to use too (https://yahoo.yourstorewizards.com/google-tag-manager.html)    But once you have tag manager then we can install our magic pixel in tag manager.  You would not use the Analytics installs in tag manager as our Magic Pixel will take care of it and make sure it all works together well.
If you have other questions or would like more information…

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