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Introducing the Next Generation of Magic Edit Our Powerful Google Chrome Extension

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of our Magic Edit extension for Google Chrome is now available.   Since the first version of this free tool was released in 2019, it’s gone through several updates from cosmetic to supporting additional platforms, and today’s release of Magic Edit 2.0 makes it better than ever. For […]

Holiday Season To-Do: Category Page Optimization

With the holidays right around the corner now is the perfect time to do some optimization on your category pages. While this is something you should be doing year-round, it’s more important than ever to have these pages ready for holiday shoppers so you have the best Q4 ever. Category page optimization is a combination […]

WebDAV File Manager Now Available for BigCommerce

Since the introduction of Your Store Tools, we’ve been committed to providing innovative and practical solutions that make online store management easy and efficient. We’ve always valued your feedback and suggestions, and they have been the bedrock for our growth and evolution. Recently, a recurring request caught our attention – “provide us with an easy […]

Boosting Sales with Back in Stock Wizard: The Best BigCommerce Back-In-Stock App

Every eCommerce retailer knows that managing inventory is a vital aspect of their business. Yet, dealing with out-of-stock items can present significant challenges, impacting not only your sales but also customer loyalty and overall brand reputation. With that said, it’s essential to understand that not all out-of-stock scenarios can be entirely prevented. Instead, you should […]

Revolutionize Your BigCommerce Category Management with CopyCat Category Duplicator

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, efficient category management is crucial for maintaining a well-organized and easy-to-navigate online store. BigCommerce, a leading e-commerce platform, is known for its extensive capabilities, but it has one limitation: it doesn’t allow store owners to duplicate a category and place it under a different parent category. CopyCat Category Duplicator, […]
Magic Edit for Shopify

Optimize Your eCommerce Workflow with Our Free Magic Edit Extension for Google Chrome

As an eCommerce store owner, your time is valuable, and every minute counts when it comes to maintaining and improving your online store. We understand the need for efficiency and productivity, which is why we have developed our free Magic Edit extension for Google Chrome. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out on […]

Introducing Gorgias the Helpdesk that Turns Customer Service into a Profit Center

If you’re an online merchant using Shopify, Magento 2, or BigCommerce, you know how important it is to provide excellent customer service. Keeping up with customer service tickets can be overwhelming, but it’s crucial for building customer loyalty and growing your business. That’s where Gorgias comes in. Gorgias is the #1 eCommerce helpdesk for Shopify, […]

Custom Field Populator Update: New Feature Release (January 5, 2022)

The latest release to Custom Field Populator is now live and adds additional functionality. This update includes performance updates as well as the following enhancements: Export Custom Fields Store owners can now export custom fields from their BigCommerce store by click the “Export Custom Fields” button on the dashboard: To begin the export, select the product […]

Learn More About Search Magic During Our Live Demo

With the busy holiday season right around the corner, it’s important to ensure shoppers find precisely what they’re looking for in your store. In addition to having well-thought-out navigation paths to drive customers where they need to go, a powerful on-site search app is crucial. For low-volume stores, your eCommerce platform’s built-in search probably fits […]

Custom Field Populator Now Available for BigCommerce

One of the top requests we’ve received from merchants who moved from Yahoo! Store and other platforms to BigCommerce was for us to come up with a way for them to better manage product custom fields.  If you use custom fields, you know how cumbersome it can be to add them each time you add […]