Custom Field Populator Now Available for BigCommerce

One of the top requests we’ve received from merchants who moved from Yahoo! Store and other platforms to BigCommerce was for us to come up with a way for them to better manage product custom fields.  If you use custom fields, you know how cumbersome it can be to add them each time you add a new product to your store not to mention adding new ones globally across all items.

Over the past several months our Application Development Team has been working on a solution that every BigCommerce merchant can’t live without – Custom Field Populator from Your Store Wizards.

By far, the biggest benefit store owners will find from this app is that your custom fields are automatically added each time you create a new item!  No longer will you have to spend time adding each one manually, then find out days later you missed a few.  Additionally, you can have specific custom fields assigned to product groups instead of having all fields added globally across your entire product catalog.

Custom Field Populator is now available in the BigCommerce App Store and is priced at $10/month.

Of course, we offer free technical support and our intuitive setup wizard will walk you through the app installation process.

For store owners who were part of our pre-release program, there is no need to reinstall Custom Field Populator.

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