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Checkout.com Beta Opportunity Available for BigCommerce Merchants

eCommerce fraud is real and costs merchants dearly.   Every $1 of fraud cost U.S. retailers $3.36 in 2020 compared with $3.13 in 2019 according to Lexis Nexis.  Unfortunately, no business is immune to fraud but you can have tools in place to mitigate risk. If your store is on the BigCommerce platform, a beta opportunity […]

Is Your eCommerce Store Running on Magento? 2021 is the Time to Move to BigCommerce!

If you’re running your online business on the Magento platform, we’ve got some important information to share with you which may or may not require you to take action. Earlier this year, Magento notified store owners on the Magento 1 platform that support would end for that version of the eCommerce platform. Store owners were […]

Important Message for Solid Cactus Customers: Resolving Yahoo! Store Errors

Over the past few months, we have updated our Yahoo! Store clients about several changes and updates in regards site security. We’ve also communicated the importance of making sure all files, scripts, images, etc. are called via HTTPS to ensure your site is not loading mixed content and sending security messages to your visitors. Over […]

A New Free Tool from Google to Help Your Grow Your eCommerce Store

Have you ever wondered how your online store compares to that of others in your industry, or maybe you’re scratching your head trying to figure out how to get new customers?  Well, now there’s a free Google tool to give you these insights and more! eCommerce store owners now have access to Grow My Store […]

Urgent Information Regarding HTTPS for Yahoo! Store Owners

It’s been more than two years since Yahoo! Store owners were given the ability to fully secure all pages in their store via HTTPS instead of just the checkout.  While the great majority of store owners have taken the necessary steps to do this, there are still many who have not. In the next few […]

Google Chrome Update to Force Unsecure Content to HTTPS

If you’re one of the last remaining site owners who haven’t moved to https:// yet, an important date is coming up that may just be the push you need to get this long-overdue task completed. The next update for Google Chrome, the world’s most widely used web browser, is set to be released on April […]

Mixed Content Will Soon Be Blocked on Google Chrome

Store owners take heed.  Google is set to roll out updates to their Chrome web browser that will automatically block mixed content on web pages. What does this mean? When a user loads a secure website via https:// any content such as scripts, images, etc., being called via http:// will be blocked by default. Scott […]

The Time to Move to SSL is Now and We Make it Easy!

A lot can be said about establishing trust with your customers once they visit your website. Years ago, trust badges, secure server graphics, and customer testimonials were just a few things that online store owners were recommended to have on their websites to build customer confidence. But times change! Scott SanfilippoScott Sanfilippo began his eCommerce […]