Yahoo! Small Business Store Update April 23, 2020

Surprise! In case you haven’t logged into your Yahoo! Store yet today you may want to before reading on as we don’t want to be the ones to spill the beans before you find out about some changes that occurred overnight.

For those of you who are OK with us spoiling it, Yahoo! took out the paintbrush and feather duster and gave the backend a bit of a refresh. While nothing functionally changed (although we’re a sucker for new feature releases) this update got rid of the yellow and green look that has been around… well, for a long time!

Changing item or page IDs in your Yahoo! Store now can be done thanks to the Change Item ID Tool.

In its place is an edit bar in Yahoo! purple with contrasting light and dark gray page elements. According to the official Yahoo! Merchant Services release notes, this color change was done to “reflect modern Yahoo! Small Business branding.

The new color scheme can be found throughout the Store Editor as well as within the Customer Manager, Redirect Manager, and Coupon Manager.

Besides this cosmetic change, there was one update made in regard to Customer Registration. The release notes indicate a fix was made to correct an issue that caused the checkout to display an error page after a new customer registers and then clicks Continue in the cart.

Prior to this update, the last one that was made was in February when robots.txt was made editable and the non-functioning map link was removed from the Order Manager.

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