WebDAV File Manager Now Available for BigCommerce

Since the introduction of Your Store Tools, we’ve been committed to providing innovative and practical solutions that make online store management easy and efficient. We’ve always valued your feedback and suggestions, and they have been the bedrock for our growth and evolution. Recently, a recurring request caught our attention – “provide us with an easy way to access our web hosting files.”

The request may seem peculiar at first, but we noticed a trend: many store owners are unaware of the web hosting features of BigCommerce. These features allow users to store all types of files – images, PDFs, videos, and more – without having to bear the cost of external hosting. Understanding how to leverage these resources can significantly streamline operations and boost efficiency.

The web hosting component of your store isn’t readily accessible, but it’s not a labyrinth either. To tap into this invaluable resource, you need to activate a protocol known as Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV), designed for remote file management. After enabling WebDAV, you’re required to install a WebDAV client on your computer to access your stored files.

For tech-savvy users, finding, installing, and navigating a WebDAV client might be a breeze. However, we understand that for many store owners, the process might seem daunting and cumbersome. But fear not! We’ve taken your feedback into account and we’re thrilled to introduce a solution – our WebDAV File Manager!

Introducing the WebDAV File Manager

Our latest offering, the WebDAV File Manager, is a combination of two tools packaged into one package:

  • Media Manager: This tool enables you to upload images, PDFs, videos, and more to your store’s web hosting via a user-friendly interface. No more grappling with complex protocols – your media management just became simpler!

  • File Library: A comprehensive tool providing you access to all directories and files within your store’s web hosting. Be it product images, file exports, and more – the File Library has got you covered. Its intuitive “file explorer” interface enables you to browse, upload, delete, and create new files/directories effortlessly – all without installing anything on your computer!

Making the Most of the WebDAV File Manager

Our WebDAV File Manager isn’t just about convenience; it’s also about potential. Here are some scenarios to showcase how this tool can transform your online store management:

  • Product Specification Sheets: Use the File Manager to upload product spec sheets in PDF format, and link them on your product pages. Now your potential customers can download these sheets directly from your store and you don’t have to pay for external web hosting!
  • Hosting Videos: If you prefer hosting videos directly on your store rather than relying on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, the WebDAV File Manager is your solution. Upload videos seamlessly and enhance your customer experience.
  • Image Management: Need to add images to your product, category, blog, or informational pages? No problem! Our tool makes image uploading a cinch.
  • For Search Magic users: The WebDAV File Manager can also be used to upload supplemental files to augment your search functionalities.

How to Get the WebDAV File Manager App

The WebDAV File Manager is available two ways:

  1. BigCommerce App Store: We’re proud to announce that our WebDAV File Manager app is listed on the BigCommerce App Store. Simply click here, then click on “Get this App,” and you’re good to go!
  2. YourStoreTools.com: For those who are already acquainted with our range of tools and services, the WebDAV File Manager is now a part of the YourStoreTools suite.

Our WebDAV File Manager is more than just a tool; it’s a game-changer. So why wait? Discover the ease of managing your web hosting with the WebDAV File Manager today!

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