Top 7 Takeaways from Shopify’s Winter 2024 Editions Webcast

Shopify just dropped some major news that’s got everyone buzzing, and our very own Don Cole was right there to catch all the action live! After tuning into Shopify’s Winter 2024 Editions webcast, Don couldn’t wait to share the scoop. He hopped onto TikTok, and posted his rundown of his top 7 favorite features coming to Shopify.  There’s way more that you can check out here, but these are the ones that caught his eye.

Let’s dive into them, but let’s keep it light and easy to digest. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of tech magic explained in plain English?

7. Finding What You Need Just Got Easier with Semantic Search

Ever tried looking for something online and ended up nowhere close to what you wanted? Shopify’s about to change that for the better. With something called Semantic Search, Shopify Plus stores will soon let you search using everyday language and still find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s like your store can read your mind—or at least make a really good guess.

6. One Page to Rule Them All with Combines Listings

Picture this: You’re selling t-shirts in a rainbow of colors. Instead of drowning your customers in a sea of listings, Shopify’s new Combined Listings app lets you tidy everything up onto one single page. Each color gets its own spot with pictures and descriptions, making shopping a breeze. Talk about keeping it neat and tidy!  This is another feature that will be exclusive to Shopify Plus.

5. A Checkout That Does It Your Way

Remember when you had to settle for a standard checkout page? Not anymore. Shopify’s spicing things up with Checkout Extensibility coming to Shopify Plus, which means you can customize your checkout page with new tricks like bundling deals and discounts. It’s like giving your checkout page a personal makeover.

4. Speeding Up Your Shopping Spree

No one likes a slow website. Shopify’s got your back with a new dashboard that tracks three Core Web Vitals metrics designed to help you keep your online store zipping along. They’ve cranked up their own speed, so your store pages load faster, making sure customers can shop without a hitch.

3. Picture Perfect with a Click

Ever wish you could make your product photos look professional without actually being a pro photographer? Shopify Magic Images is here to save the day. With a few clicks, you can change backgrounds, spruce up your photos, and make everything look just right, no fancy skills required.  (Available early 2024)

2. Keeping Things Organized Automatically

Imagine if your online store could sort itself out, putting things where they belong without you having to lift a finger. With Category Automation, that’s exactly what’s happening. Products find their own categories, and details like colors get sorted out on their own. It’s like having a little helper inside your computer.

1. More Variations, More Fun

Ever felt limited by how many variations of a product you could offer? Shopify’s breaking down those walls by bumping up the variant limit from 100 to a whopping 2,000. Whether it’s sizes, colors, or anything in between, you’ve now got the room to offer it all.

There you have it—Shopify’s latest batch of features is all about making life easier for shop owners and shoppers alike. From mind-reading search functions to automatic organizing and checkout makeovers, there’s a lot to look forward to. And thanks to Don’s TikTok debrief below, we’re all in the loop and ready to see these changes in action.


Shopify Editions Winter 2024 has over 100 improvements. These are 7+ I’m excited to see roll out for store owners. what did you see you like? #shopify #shopifyeditions #ecommerce #wizardtop

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