5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid in Using Images on Ecommerce Sites

Impressing your ecommerce site visitors is one thing. But making them stay, enjoy the experience of online shopping on your site, and actually buy something is another thing altogether. And the latter is what matters a whole lot more.

Yes, many ecommerce sites are able to display high resolution, professional-looking images of their products. But even the big companies commit common mistakes that they do not realize are costing them thousands of dollars in sales.

Stand out amongst the competition. Be different by allowing your images to communicate your message well and to improve the user experience of potential consumers significantly.

Take note of these 5 costly mistakes when it comes to using product images:

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Site Speed – Solutions

There are always options to improve speed, but I wanted to outline a few of the key ones and some quick pros/cons of each. Each service has their own strengths and if you really want to get aggressive, they actually can all four work together (at least on Yahoo! where our services work). One thing to note is that 3rd party services for the most part can’t be adjusted by any service. Continue reading “Site Speed – Solutions”