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Search Magic Update: Support for Supplemental Product Files Now Available

The November 2020 Search Magic release contains a feature update that many store owners may find beneficial, especially now that the busiest shopping season of the year is upon us.

We realized that some stores sell items that have additional identifiers, information, or properties that are not able to be included in the boilerplate item setup page, but are important enough that they need to be searchable.

With this in mind, we have introduced the ability to include a supplemental product data file* in the backend of Search Magic that can include additional fields to improve the visibility of items when a shopper initiates a search.

To add a supplemental product data file to Search Magic, simply create or use an existing CSV file with the data you would like to include, then:

    1. Log into your Search Magic dashboard.
    2. BigCommerce Users: Click on Data Management -> Index Management .
    3. Shopify Users: Click on More Settings -> Index Management .
    4. In the CSV Supplemental Feed section you have the ability to add multiple supplemental feed files.
    5. Enter URL of the supplemental file that you’d like to use.
    6. Select the file delimiter, set the CSV column identifier and the Search Magic field identifier. Click Save when done.
    7. Once saved, click on the Index Search button to import the supplemental feed data into Search Magic.


Once your data is imported, you can now create the fields in Search Magic.  To create a new field you can follow the instructions located at: https://support.searchmagic.com/article/288-how-to-create-field.

The new supplemental file columns all start “supplemental” in the import field, as shown below.


You can add as many supplemental product data files as you need, making this a powerful addition to help increase sales and product visibility.

For more information, or support with setting up supplemental product data, please email support@yourstorewizards.com.  For support resources and the latest product documentation, visit https://support.searchmagic.com.

*Supplemental file support is only available for Search Magic for BigCommerce and Search Magic for Shopify.

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