Search Magic Update: New Feature Release (May 5, 2022)

The latest release to Search Magic is now live and adds additional functionality and search improvements. This update is applicable for BigCommerce and Shopify users.

Custom “Sort By” Default Label
It’s now possible to change the default sort label from “Relevancy” to anything you want!  Examples may include “Best Fit,” “Best Matches,” “Top Sellers”, “Most Popular,” “Best Results,” etc.  This setting can be changed by going to Display Settings > Sorting and changing the text in the Sort Label field.


“Contains Phrase” Added to Search Term Types in Redirects 
A new Search Type called “Contains Phrase” has been added to Search Term Redirects.  If you want any search term that has a specific phrase to be redirected, this option can be set.  For example, by creating a Redirect for the “Contains Phrase” of “polo shirt” to redirect to a specific category or collection page of polo shirts, any search such as “red polo shirt,” “ladies polo shirt,” or, “golf polo shirt” would redirect.

Search Term Redirects can be set by going to Redirects > Create Redirect

For information on creating and managing Search Term Redirects in Search Magic, click here.

QOL Improvement for Search Term Redirects
This update allows users to disregard plural and non-plural terms when setting up Search Term Redirects, simplifying the process.  If you have a Search Term Redirect setup for “blue shirts,” Search Magic will now return the redirect based on the term “blue shirts” or “blue shirt.”  If you have a Search Term Redirect setup for “blue shirt,” the same will apply – redirects will be processed for “blue shirt” and “blue shirts.”

As always, support documents and the latest release notes for all Search Magic platform versions can be found at

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