Search Magic Update – October 7, 2021

Our app development team has been busy with some great updates to our flagship product, Search Magic!  Available for BigCommerce, Shopify, and Yahoo! Store, Search Magic is an advanced search app that replaces the standard platform search and includes features designed to turn searches into sales.

Here’s what’s new:

Part Finder Add-On
In case you didn’t catch our previous announcement, our new Part Finder add-on is now available.  This add-on is perfect for stores that sell parts by year/make/model but can also be used if you sell by height/width/length, brand/color/size, or any other option combination.  Since it’s completely customizable, we can tailor the add-on to your unique business needs.

The Part Finder add-on is not available as a user-installable option and is not included as part of the default Search Magic installation.  Please contact us for customization options and pricing.

Display Customer Pricing Option
If you’re on the BigCommerce platform and offer different pricing for customers based on Customer Groups, Search Magic can now display the customer’s actual price in search results as long as they are logged into their account.

In order to enable this option, Your Store Wizards will need to install javascript and create an additional field in your Supplemental Feed which is then sent to Search Magic.

Once enabled, however, if shoppers use the “price” filter, items will be sorted by the default price rather than the customer’s price even though the proper item price is displayed.  Unfortunately, this is a limitation within the BigCommerce platform.

To have this enabled on your BigCommerce store, please contact us for pricing.

Latest Release Notes (October 7, 2021)
The following update applies to Search Magic for BigCommerce, Shopify, and Yahoo Store:

  • The Category Hierarchy filter, when used in a vertical layout, has been adjusted so that it will remain expanded when this filter is selected, thus improving the customer experience when the store has a long filter list.
  • The Category Hierarchy filter, when used in a vertical layout, will no longer automatically scroll to the top of the page resulting in an improved user experience when trying to select nested filter values.

As always, support documents and the latest release notes for all Search Magic platform versions can be found at

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