Search Magic August 2021 Update

Search Magic, our flagship advanced search application for BigCommerce, Shopify, and Yahoo! Store, is under constant development based on store owner feedback and improvements in search technology.  Our latest update to the application is one many have asked for based on shopper feedback.

Previously, when a search results page was loaded and a shopper browsed away from the page and then used the back button to return, the search results page would sometimes return to the top of the page based on how the browser responded to the request. This would require the shopper to scroll and return to where they were on the page.

In order to deliver an optimal user experience that is consistent across browsers and sessions, Search Magic now uses a cookie-based solution to retain the shopper’s last position on the search results page and will automatically return them to that spot.

This update has rolled out to all Search Magic users and no action is needed on the store owner’s part.

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