Checkout Wizard Customers: Updating Settings for New Mastercard Bin Numbers

If you currently have Checkout Wizard from Your Store Wizards, you may need to make some changes to your Checkout Wizard for the new release of Mastercard’s Bin Numbers.  If you do not have Checkout Wizard from Your Store Wizards you will not need to make any changes – of course now would be a great time to sign up for Checkout Wizard.

Throughout 2017, Mastercard is slowly releasing new “Bin Numbers”.  You can learn more about this by reading Mastercard’s Post here. If you don’t have time to read it, basically the short version of the story is:

Mastercard has received approval to issue a range of 2 Series numbers, range 222100-272099 in addition to the 510000-559999 numbers that are currently in circulation.

We recommend upgrading to our Managed Checkout Wizard service where you will automatically receive all updates and great features to Checkout Wizard as they are released.  You can learn more about our Checkout Wizard here.

If you are already a Checkout Wizard customer, and do not wish to subscribe to automatic updates, you can make the following changes to your store.

In Checkout Manager, go to global settings footer and make the following changes…

“addCCImages”: true
change to
“addCCImages”: false
This will disable the images and auto card selection type, but of course upgrading to our latest managed version of Checkout Wizard will not only upgrade the Bin Numbers so they continue to function, it will also offer better Google Maps integration, improved inline validation, and you will continue to receive support and additional features as they are released.

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