Magic Sorter Feature Update – December 2021

Magic Sorter has recently been updated in order to accommodate a change with the BigCommerce Sort API which powers our app.  This update specifically corrects behavior on items if you use “Sort Order” to determine their placement on a category page:

The BigCommerce Sort API has been updated so that when a category page is sorted using Magic Sorter, this sort will now override the item level “Sort Order” value which was not previously the case.  This is the preferred behavior and one that would be expected when applying a custom sort to a category page.

Please note, that the value entered in “Sort Order” is never changed, the value is now simply ignored when a category page is sorted by Magic Sorter.

For category pages that you do not use Magic Sorter on, the original sort functionality will continue to apply – items will be sorted based on the value attributed to “Sort Order” unless overwritten by a Magic Sorter custom sort.

More information on Magic Sorter for BigCommerce can be found here and the app can be downloaded from the BigCommerce app store.

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