Introducing the Next Generation of Magic Edit Our Powerful Google Chrome Extension

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of our Magic Edit extension for Google Chrome is now available.   Since the first version of this free tool was released in 2019, it’s gone through several updates from cosmetic to supporting additional platforms, and today’s release of Magic Edit 2.0 makes it better than ever.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Magic Edit is a powerful browser extension designed to provide easy and direct access to various areas of your eCommerce store or WordPress site. Developed by the team at Your Store Wizards, it’s not just another plugin; it’s a bridge between you and your website’s full potential. Once installed, it integrates seamlessly with all your sites, allowing for immediate access to common back-end functions with just a few clicks.

Key Features of Magic Edit

  • Effortless Editing: Traditional website management often involves navigating through layers of backend menus. Magic Edit eliminates this hassle. Whether it’s modifying a collection on Shopify, updating a blog post on WordPress, or tweaking a product on your BigCommerce store, Magic Edit offers a shortcut. Click on the Magic Edit icon in your browser, and you’re taken directly to the editor in your platform’s backend for the item or page you’re viewing.
  • Seamless Content Creation: Not just limited to editing, Magic Edit also simplifies the process of creating new content. Adding new products, blog posts, or categories becomes a matter of a few clicks, directly from the page you’re working on.
  • Comprehensive Tool Access: Magic Edit isn’t just about editing and creating content. It also offers built-in tools for speed testing and structured data markup checks among others. This ensures your site is not only visually appealing but also technically sound and SEO-friendly.
  • Support for Multiple Platforms: The Your Store Wizards team understands that our clients operate on a range of platforms and each has its unique features. We built Magic Edit to support the BigCommerce, Shopify, Turbify, and WordPress platforms all from one single extension.  If you’re running your eCommerce store on BigCommerce but your blog is over on WordPress, you can seamlessly use Magic Edit on both.  There’s no need to sign up, log in, or link stores or accounts.
  • One-Click to Page Speed Insights: Keep an eye on your site’s performance with one-click access to Google’s Page Speed Insights reports while viewing individual pages.
  • Speedy Support Access: Access platform-specific help documents and technical support from Your Store Wizards, ensuring you’re never stuck.

How to Install and Use Magic Edit

Magic Edit is easy to install and compatible with multiple platforms. However, it’s important to note that certain features may vary depending on the platform you’re using.  To get started all you need to do is visit the Google Chrome Web Store by clicking here and then add Magic Edit to Google Chrome.

Once installed just navigate to your eCommerce store or WordPress website. Once there, the Magic Edit icon will display one of four abbreviations letting you know what platform the site is built on: BC for BigCommerce, SHOP for Shopify, T for Turbify, or WP for WordPress:

Clicking on the icon will bring up the Magic Edit window where you can select from various options depending on the platform.


Imagine you’re running an online store on Shopify. A customer points out a small error in a product description. With Magic Edit, correcting this error is just a  click away, directly from the product page, without the need to log into your Shopify backend and find the item.

Or, let’s say you’re a WordPress blogger. You’ve just published a post but then noticed a typo. Rather than going through the dashboard, with Magic Edit, you can correct it immediately by simply clicking on the Edit button in Magic Edit to launch the editor.

The Magic Edit Advantage

  • Time-Saving: Time is a precious commodity in the digital world. Magic Edit drastically reduces the time spent on website management tasks. What used to take multiple clicks can now be done in seconds.
  • Improved Accuracy: Direct editing reduces the likelihood of errors that can occur when navigating through complex backend menus.
  • Increased Flexibility: Whether you’re working on your latest blog post or updating product listings, Magic Edit offers the flexibility to make changes on the fly, directly from the page you’re on.
  • Cost-Effective: Being a free tool, Magic Edit provides immense value without adding to your operational costs.

Start Using Magic Edit Today

If you’re ready to get started with Magic Edit, install it now from the Chrome Web Store and be up and running in seconds!  We encourage you to check out the support documents for more information about all the features of Magic Edit as well as what functions are available for your platform.

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