HTTPS: Once Again… It’s Important.

If you haven’t already upgraded your eCommerce store to https:, now is the time – but turning on SSL is not what’s important, making sure that the SSL is working properly is most important.

In order for a website to be secure, all content must be able to be displayed via SSL.  We’ve seen a number of our customers turn on SSL, but have not had their sites optimized for the SSL certificate to actually work.  If this is the case, you risk losing all of your SEO and orders coming July 2018 (regardless of your eCommerce platform).  Read on, and we’ll explain.

Search Engine Journal recently reported that Google has set the date of July 18, 2018 for Chrome to start “explicitly warning users” if a site is insecure. Simply turning on your SSL is not good enough.  If your site delivers “mixed content”, the SSL is in effect, broken – and the same as not having SSL to begin with.

If you have enabled SSL, it is extremely important to click through your website to make sure the “Green Lock” appears in the top left of your browser, and the word “Secure” appears in Green.  If you don’t see green, your SSL is broken.  You are at risk of losing all of your organic Google ranking (because in essence, you are saying your site is “secure”, when it is not).

If you do one thing today, load your website.  Look at the address bar.  If you have enabled SSL and you do not see a “Green Lock” and the word secure, try to figure out why your SSL is not working.  If you can’t figure this out, contact us ASAP.  If you have not enabled SSL, consider doing so immediately.  If you are a Yahoo! Store, we offer an upgrade solution. If you are on another platform, we can also assist. To read the full article at Search Engine Journal, click here.

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