How to Update Prices in BigCommerce

Price changes seem to be constant these days and keeping your storefront updated with the correct current selling price is key.  However, when you have a large number of items that you need to change prices on, the task may be one you want to put off because of the amount of time involved in making the updates.

Making price changes in BigCommerce involves going into each item one by one and changing the regular price, sale price, or both.  Then there are the variant prices that may also need to be updated.  It can be overwhelming to think about making all those changes manually.

Thankfully our team of developers has created a way for you to upload your price changes in bulk using just the item’s SKU, price, and sale price in a .CSV file.  This is guaranteed to save time whether you’re updating prices across a line of products, or you’re putting a bunch of items on sale.

Our Price Updater tool is just one of the many free and premium tools in our Your Store Tools suite designed to save you time and effort managing your BigCommerce store.

To update prices in BigCommerce, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in or create a new Your Store Tools account by clicking here.

Step 2: Prepare your .CSV file.  Your file will need to contain a header row for SKU, price, and sale price.  All three columns are required, whether they include data or not.

  • SKU – the item’s SKU, this is not the BigCommerce Product ID, but the actual SKU. Our tool does not require the use of the BigCommerce Product ID! SKUs for variants can be entered as well.
  • Price – the regular, everyday selling price of the item.
    • If you leave the Price field empty, no changes to the existing price will be made.
  • Sale-Price – the sale price of the item.
    • If you leave the Sale-Price field empty, no changes to the existing sale price will be made.
    • If you place a 0 in the Sale-Price field, the sale price will be removed from the item.


Step 3: Choose the Price Updater tool on your Your Store Tools dashboard.


Step 4: Click Update Prices to begin and upload your .CSV file.


Step 5: Map your fields.


Step 6: Choose whether or not you want to receive an email notification when your import is complete.


That’s it!  Your prices are now updated in your BigCommerce store and you just saved a ton of time, so go ahead and leave a little  early today.  No just, kidding… get the boss’s permission to do that first!  But yes, our tool is designed to make updating prices quick and easy, so we hope you take advantage of it.

The Price Updater tool is just one of many tools available in the Your Store Tools suite.  Others include product import and export, category import and export, image downloader, and more that are free to use!  We also have premium tools and apps such as CopyCat category duplicator which allows you to “copy and paste” categories into different areas of your store maximizing product visibility and adding a new dimension to merchandising.

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