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How to Bulk Upload Product Images to BigCommerce

BigCommerce store owners know that managing product images can be a time-consuming task, especially when you’re adding a line of new items.   Uploading images one by one, especially when there are multiple per product, can easily take up hours of your time depending on how many items you’re adding.  Times like these call for a much more efficient way of adding images, preferably in bulk!

While BigCommerce does offer a way for images to be uploaded in bulk, it’s a bit intimidating.  In this blog post, I’ll cover two different ways to upload multiple product images to your store and one of the two is pretty simple!  So let’s get started.

The Conventional Method: WebDAV

WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is a protocol that allows users to edit and manage files on servers. This system enables bulk uploads to your BigCommerce store but comes with its own set of challenges. WebDAV requires additional software installed on your computer, such as Cyber Duck which is a WebDAV client, and a degree of technological knowledge that may go beyond the capabilities of the average store owner.

Understanding and utilizing the WebDAV protocol can be complicated and confusing for many, as it involves configuring your client, connecting to the WebDAV path of your BigCommerce store, and organizing your files properly before uploading. This may present challenges to users who are not tech-savvy. But is there a simpler solution?

The Modern Approach: Bulk Image Uploader Tool

Luckily, yes. The Bulk Image Uploader tool, available from Your Store Tools, simplifies the entire process and makes it more accessible to everyone, regardless of their tech know-how.

The Bulk Image Uploader tool allows you to upload images en masse directly to your BigCommerce store. It automates the process and reduces the chance of error, thus saving you a great deal of time and frustration. But what makes this tool particularly stand out is its consideration for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

When uploading images, SEO-friendly names and ALT tags are crucial. They help search engines understand what your images are about, which ultimately impacts your website’s visibility. The Bulk Image Uploader tool allows you to upload images with SEO-friendly names and add ALT tags during the upload process.

To use the Bulk Image Uploader tool, all you need to do is create a .ZIP file with your product image and an optional .CSV file containing your ALT tags and image to SKU mapping, then upload both via the easy-to-use interface in just a few clicks.  This tool is an incredibly user-friendly solution for bulk image uploads. Plus, there is no software to download and install as it’s all web-based.

Leveraging the right tools to streamline your processes is vital. The Bulk Image Uploader tool provides an easy, efficient, and user-friendly solution to managing your product images on BigCommerce.

By enabling you to upload images in bulk with SEO-friendly names and ALT tags, this tool not only saves you time but also empowers you to optimize your store for search engines, improving your visibility and potentially boosting sales.

To dive further into the details and learn how to use this tool, visit the support documentation here. Your Store Tools features both free and premium tools to help manage your BigCommerce store.  Check out all the tools and create a free account by clicking here.

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