Help Us Build an eCommerce Store Owners “Magic Toolbox”

As the sun begins to set on 2022, today we’re giving you a sneak peek at something our team has working on to help you run your business better in 2023.

We’re continually asked by store owners to develop different tools to make repetitive, time-consuming, or cumbersome store tasks much more manageable.  One even said, “wave your magic wand and save us from manually adding this one field to every single item in our store!”

That request was all the inspiration our team of wizards needed to sit down and map out what we have internally been calling a “magic toolbox” or a suite of apps and tools to help conquer simple (and even complex) tasks within different eCommerce store platforms.

Imagine being able to upload a .zip file containing product images for hundreds of new items you just added instead of adding them one by one to each item.  Or, being able to update multiple price lists for thousands of items with just one .csv file!  While these may sound simple, some platforms don’t allow tasks like these to be done natively.

Very soon, we’ll launch this “magic toolbox” with paid and free tools store owners on various platforms can use to save time and manage their stores better.  All these tools will be accessible through a unified dashboard and will be easy-to-use thanks to a simplified interface.

While we’re getting set to roll out a few tools in early January 2023, our team is looking for feedback on what you, the store owner, would want to be included in such a toolbox.  What will make your job easier?  What can save time (and money) by simplifying everyday tasks?  Let us know.

We’re also looking for you to let us know just how interested you are in a few tools we already have in development, and whether or not you’d like to be considered for participation in our beta program.

Please take a moment to take the survey below so we can gauge interest and plan out tools that will have a meaningful impact on how you run your business.

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