Happy New Year!

Your Store Wizards is proud to celebrate our 20th year in business in 2020.  We were founded in December of 1999.  We wanted to take a minute to thank each and every customer and partner we’ve met over the years.  Let’s make 2020 the best year ever!

Let’s face it, we have the best customers. Our customers are the best in the business and working with every one of you is why we wake up every day and move ahead.  Without our customers, we’d be nothing.

Our partners… They’re the best as well. This year, working with Big Commerce has been nothing short of amazing.  Big Commerce has been very responsive and has helped us train our developers on their platform.  Our Account Executive Ben, we’ll he has the greatest beard ever and he’s one hell of a nice man.  We see great things ahead for both of our companies.  Yahoo! will always hold a special place in our hearts and Shopify will continue to grow as well.  AccessiBe is another one of our partners that has been purely joyful to work with and although we have too many partners to mention everyone, we truly appreciate you.

Let’s not forget our associates – Our developers, our admin staff, our support staff. We have one of greatest teams in the industry and we come to work every day to make a difference.  Our core values are to Exhibit Honesty and Integrity, Value Teamwork, Be Passionate About Problem Solving, Desire to Learn and Work Tirelessly to Completion.  Every day we operate with our core values in mind.

Thank you everyone and here’s to an amazing 2020!

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