Free Tool! Magic Edit Button for Yahoo! Store, Shopify, BigCommerce and WordPress

Have you ever been browsing your store, find something on a page that you need to modify, start clicking through bookmarks to find the admin page to log in, search for the page in the editor, and realize there must be a better way?

Yes!  We’ve all been there and it’s frustrating.  That’s why we created a simple tool that saves all those clicks and allows you to access your store editor quickly right from any page on your live store.

Our Magic Edit Button is a “bookmarklet” that you install to the bookmarks bar on your web browser.  Once installed, when you’re viewing your live store and find a page you want to edit, simply click on the bookmark it created on your bookmarks bar and you’ll be taken directly to the page in your store’s editor!

It’s so simple and it works like, well… magic!

The Magic Edit Button works with Yahoo! Store, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WordPress.  Bookmarklets are compatible with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and more.

Drag-and-Drop Installation Instructions:
Most web browsers, with the exception of Microsoft Edge, support drag-and-drop installation of bookmarklets.  This is the easiest and quickest way to install the Magic Edit button.  If your browser does not support drag-and-drop, you can still install by using the manual installation instructions later in this

    1. Make sure your browser is displaying the bookmarks bar.
    2. Drag and drop this link Magic Edit

      to your bookmarks bar.

    3. Go to any page on your store, click the Magic Edit bookmarklet and start editing!

Manual Installation Instructions  if Drag-and-Drop is not supported:
Creating and managing bookmarks vary by browser and operating system. These are general instructions for creating and editing the bookmark.  For detailed instructions on how to create and edit bookmarks, consult the help file for your particular browser.

    1. Make sure your browser is displaying the bookmarks bar.
    2. Bookmark this page to the bookmarks bar.
    3. Copy the javascript code in its entirety:
      javascript:if (typeof jQuery %3D%3D %27undefined%27)%7Bvar s%3Ddocument.createElement(%27script%27)%3Bs.setAttribute(%27src%27, %27 s%3Ddocument.createElement(%27script%27)%3Bs.setAttribute(%27src%27, %27


    4. Go to the bookmark you just made.  Right-click to edit.
    5. Change the bookmark name to “Magic Edit.”
    6. Paste the javascript code in the URL field.
    7. Go to any page on your store, click the Magic Edit bookmarklet and start editing!

Caveats and Notes:

  • Yahoo Store! users may notice that the first time you use the Magic Edit button it takes you to the Store Manager and requires you to click through to the editor.  Subsequent clicks of the Magic Edit bookmarklet during the same browser session will not require this and you’ll be taken directly to the page in the editor.
  • Yahoo Store! users must set their editor entry page to “Home” instead of “Contents” in order for the Magic Edit button to function properly.  To do this, go into the store editor, then contents.  Select the “Controls” option, then change “Editor Entry Page” to “Home.”

  • If using with a BigCommerce store, only items pages are supported.
  • WordPress users may be required to log in to the WordPress dashboard upon initiating a browser session.

Once you start using the Magic Edit Button you’ll wonder how you managed your store without it!  Since this is a free product, support is limited, but we’d love to hear your feedback, bug reports, etc.  Just email them to

Happy Editing!

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