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FAQs for Yahoo! Store Merchants Looking to Switch Platforms

As more and more Yahoo! Store merchants are looking to move their eCommerce store to a new platform, we’re getting quite a few questions – and that’s understandable. After all, moving to a new platform is something that should be planned out and carefully executed. Here are some of the top questions we have been receiving lately:

Q: I hear that more and more stores are moving from Yahoo! is this something I should be concerned about?

A: Not necessarily. While it’s true there are many older Yahoo! Store merchants moving to new platforms that’s not something to look too deeply into. Each business has unique needs and goals that may not be met with their current platform and they make the decision to move. There has been no indication from Yahoo! that anything is changing with their store platform, so in our opinion, there’s no need to jump ship right away. In fact, when we consult with store owners we weigh the pros and cons of staying -vs- leaving, and many times we advise them to stay put.

Q: Our Yahoo! Store has so many add-ons from different developers that we pay monthly for. Would I keep these add-ons or would I need to find new ones?

A: Many of the add-ons you’re talking about are standard in today’s eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce and Shopify. In fact, both of these platforms have app stores with thousands of applications that are either free or have a low monthly cost. The add-ons for Yahoo! Store that we and other developers have built over the years, are pretty much built-in to newer platforms. With that said, the money you’re currently spending on these 3rd party apps may be reduced completely or significantly reduced.

Q: I like the design of my Yahoo! Store, can I carry over that design to a new platform?

A: We’ve moved dozens of stores from Yahoo! to BigCommerce and Shopify and we’ve either done a complete redesign giving the store a fresh, new look or simply matched the existing look and feel of the owner’s current store. Either way, BigCommerce and Shopify offer plenty of design flexibility and whatever can be dreamed about can be done, so don’t worry!

Q: How long does it take to move platforms?

A: Good question! To be honest, it can take several months. The majority of the work we do during store migrations has to do with data. If the data from your Yahoo! Store is clean, the less time we will spend on cleaning it up. We also have to consider data from other sources such as product reviews and customer login applications. The more data sources to migrate and clean up, the longer the project will take. It’s a safe bet to say that a migration can take anywhere from 4 – 6 months, but it all depends on the unique factors of each store.

Q: How much does a migration cost?

A: Each store has its complexities and unique design requirements which contribute to project cost. When we price out a migration, we price out the time we need to export and import data separately from the design and implementation costs. Our pricing is up-front and honest.

Q: Are other platforms cheaper than Yahoo! Store?

A: Again, this is a question that is asked a lot but doesn’t have a definitive answer. Both BigCommerce and Shopify have account representatives who will put together a monthly service quote that you can use to compare what you’re paying today versus what you can expect to pay with them. Many times we do indeed see a saving – especially when you consider the many developer add-ons you’re currently paying for on Yahoo! are no longer needed on other platforms.

Q: We sell direct to consumers and B2B. Can we have a login feature with special prices for our B2B customers as well as order history?

A: Yes – and it’s built into both BigCommerce and Shopify at no additional cost. Price lists, customer login, order history are all standard features of today’s eCommerce platforms and ones that can greatly increase customer satisfaction and reorder rates.

Q: What data do you take from my Yahoo! Store and enter into the new one?

A: Don, our chief data wizard, has developed his own 8-step process for exporting and importing data and verifying integrity – a process other developers can only dream of! We take items, section pages, content pages, orders, customers, etc. We can even work with 3rd parties such as product review providers to get them to export and import data into your new store. If there’s data to get, we get it!

Q: I’m not sure what platform I want to move to. Can you recommend one?

A: We don’t flat-out recommend a platform. We first talk to you, learn about your business, what you’re trying to achieve with a move, and what your goals for the future are. It’s then when we make a recommendation to move or not. If we recommend moving, we will match you up with a platform we feel will benefit your specific business the best.

Q: Can I try another platform before committing to it?

A: Yes. What we recommend is that you contact us before you go and sign up for trial stores. We have arrangements with both BigCommerce and Shopify where we can get you development stores where you can kick the tires and play around. Often by the time a 7-day free trial ends, a store owner hasn’t even been in the store yet. By working with us first, we can give you the time needed to play with the different platforms while you make a decision.

Q: We use Search Magic and Feed Wizard on our Yahoo! Store. Can we use these on another platform?

A: Search Magic is available on both the BigCommerce and Shopify platforms for a much lower cost than our Yahoo! Store version. Feed Wizard is not yet available on those platforms but will be later this year. In the meantime, we can still feed your data to the CSEs so we have you covered on both fronts!

Q: Can you give me references for store owners you migrated?

A: Yes. Simply contact us and we’d be more than happy to give you references.

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