Directory of eCommerce Stores with COVID-19 Supplies for Sale

Your Store Wizards is creating a directory of eCommerce businesses that are selling supplies to help others in the online store community during the COVID-19 crisis.

From masks and gloves for warehouse and delivery drivers to take-out containers for restaurants, if you sell supplies B2B or B2C that can help fellow eCommerce merchants who may have a hard time obtaining them, consider listing your business.

There is no cost to list your small business and we will keep the list updated with new additions, so be sure to check it often if you’re looking for supplies.

Averill’s Sharper Uniforms
Face Masks available in case lots of 500 with 100% of profits from the sale of these masks going to local hospitals.

Items available:

Blair Candy Company
Disposable gloves
available in powder and powder-free styles in 100 count boxes.

Items available:

Make Your Own
Ingredients for DIY hand sanitizer and bulk bleach.

Items available:

To have your business listed, please fill out the form below.  Please note, in order to support the small business community, we will only list merchants that sell online and are a family-owned or independent eTailer.

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