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BigCommerce Update Allows Merchants to Take Advantage of Even More 3rd Party Sales Channels

As we get ready for what is to be a record setting holiday shopping season for online merchants, store owners should be looking to take advantage of every sales channel to capture sales.

For BigCommerce store owners, an update was just pushed out that allows you to expand your product reach.  When you log into your store’s control panel and click on Channel Manager, you may notice things look a little different.

If you’re not familiar with Channel Manager, it’s the central hub where you manage all your 3rd party sales channels.  For example, if you’re a clothing store and you sell items on your store and also eBay, you would manage all your eBay listings within Channel Manager.

The new BigCommerce Channel Manager now features more channels including 3rd party sales and headless storefronts and allows them all to be managed from this one centralized hub.  An updated UI makes it easier for you to see which channels you currently have connected to your store, including:


    • Wish (new!) + 2-day nationwide fulfillment via Deliverr (new!)
    • eBay + 2-day nationwide fulfillment via Deliverr (new!)
    • Amazon


    • Deity (new!)


    • Facebook/Instagram
    • Google Shopping
    • BigCommerce Buy Buttons

Point of Sale:

    • Square
    • Clover

This update now allows store owners to seamlessly integrate with Amazon, eBay, Wish, Google, and Facebook/Instagram. This allows you to rapidly expand your potential reach to millions of shoppers.  These integrations save you hours by listing products on third-party sales channels by using product information already stored in your BigCommerce catalog.

If you’ve been putting off listing your items on these 3rd party channels, now is the time to do it as it can be done in just a few clicks.

In addition to the Channel Manager update, BigCommerce also unveiled two new partnerships that you may find beneficial:

Deliverr: Fast and affordable 2-day fulfillment capabilities… Deliverr also provides fast shipping badges for major marketplaces (Wish, eBay, and Google) and BigCommerce stores.

Wish: Merchants can now sell on Wish, which is an additive sales channel, providing access to a new, mobile-focused consumer. With a personalized algorithm that targets customers with a visual feed, your business can now have access to 100M visitors per month with Wish.

For more detailed information on these partnerships as well as Channel Manager, you can view the full announcement from BigCommerce here.

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