The Importance of Product Photography and How to Do It on a Tight Budget

Any eCommerce store owner knows just how important images are for online selling. Even you as a consumer would probably base a huge bulk of your decision-making on product photos. After all, online shoppers can’t see the products with their own eyes, much less inspect them in their hands.

Not only are people naturally visual, but the sense of sight also plays a huge role in online shopping because customers can’t touch, smell, or even taste (for edible items) the products. Visual information is actually 90% of what’s transmitted to our brains.

Having an online store means you should also know what goes into product photography and what type of images would engage visitors and increase conversions.

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Your Store Wizards – February 2020 Update

Scott SanfilippoFebruary is the month of love and what’s not to love in the ever-changing world of eCommerce? It’s also the time of year where many store owners have completed an analysis of the holiday shopping season and are planning ahead for the next one.

Here at Your Store Wizards, we’ve been getting more and more questions from our clients about moving platforms. Many feel that a redesign just isn’t what their store needs this year.

They’re looking for more.

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Considering Changing eCommerce Platforms? Read this First.

The new year may have you thinking about making some changes with the way you operate your eCommerce business. The rush of the holidays provides a great insight into where you can look to improve.

From researching a new order management system or hiring more customer service reps, to choosing a better shipping software solution or even switching platforms your store runs on. All these and more are valid things you should be looking at to improve and streamline your operations in 2020.

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