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Need to Kickstart Your eMail Marketing? Introducing Klaviyo

So what is Klaviyo?  Klaviyo is an eMail marketing platform that allows you to leverage data from all of your channels to help you build relationships with your customers.  Klaviyo has over 100 pre-built integrations, custom properties and Javascript API’s that allow you to connect to the platform.

Recently we’ve had Yahoo! Store customers asking us about Klaviyo integration and we have integrated many Yahoo! Stores on Klaviyo.  Your Store Wizards has a Klaviyo integration and if you are interested in Klaviyo please feel free to reach out to us using the form below.

Klaviyo’s customers report a 29% lift in revenue within the first 6 months, 62x the average ROI, more than 30% of customer sales come from eMail and 35% of revenue come from the automation component.  Merchants that switch from MailChimp see a 45% incremental lift in revenue.

Klaviyo’s customer segmentation is not just easy, it’s powerful. You can make better connections with your customers which translates into more sales for your store.  With enterprise grade automation, you can send different emails based on a recipient’s history with your brand, plus it’s easy to test with Klaviyo.

Unlock more date such as Product ID, variants, # of items per order, total cart value, customer lifetime value and more!  This gives you the power to segment abandoned carts, customize welcome emails, identify VIPs, tailor post-purchase followups and more!

Interested in learning more about Klaviyo?  Fill out the form below and we will contact you.



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