Priority Support Wizard

We originally launched Priority Support Wizard and we got a lukewarm response.  We decided to survey our customers to find out what exactly they would like in a support program and what we found is that our customers want a “proactive” support, not a “reactive” support program.

So we’re re-launching a brand new Priority Support Wizard with all new features as requested by our customers!  Priority Support Wizard is a retainer based store support program that provides a dedicated success coach who will provide suggestions for ongoing site upgrades that we will perform as part of your support program, amazingly fast turn around times for support you need, no quoting necessary for website work and a dedicated support channel.

Your Store Wizards is proud to launch Priority Support Wizard just in time for the holidays and beyond! Learn more about our exciting support offering detailed here for your convenience…

“Working with Don Cole and the entire team at Your Store Wizards has been a wonderful experience. I first learned about YSW a little over 5 years ago when their name kept coming up as being experts in coding and design work for Yahoo Stores – the platform we use for our primary web store. Since then, I have used their services for design work, data feed integration, SEO, site speed, and a host of coding/functionality projects. I have always been surprised by their responsiveness and the speed at which they work. Don in particular has helped us out on occasions working late into the night and even on weekends. There is really no comparison to other third party developers I have used. I seek the advice of YSW often and they have never steered me wrong. I trust Don Cole completely and feel he and his team are certainly the most knowledgeable and capable when it comes to all things Yahoo Stores. I have heard excellent things about their work on Shopify and Big Commerce stores as well. As we consider opening a second web store on one of these platforms, I look forward to continuing our relationship with the Wizards.”
Scott Daughtry

Your Store Wizards now offers Priority Support Wizard.  An exciting new support offering that gives you these amazing benefits.

  • A dedicated success coach who will speak with you on a monthly basis to determine upgrades and improvements to your store which will be completed in an ongoing basis.
  • Your success coach will outline the next three months of your support program and what improvements we will be making to your site.
  • Your program will begin with a comprehensive website review****.  This review will be used to create the schedule of improvements that we will be making to your website.
  • You can schedule calls with your success coach whenever you feel you have something to discuss.
  • We will monitor your Google Webmaster account and watch for changes or alerts.
  • Guaranteed Support Response within 1 HOUR* during normal business hours and 1 Business Day during non-business hours.
  • Direct “Slack Channel**” to support for our customers who use Slack.
  • 3 HOURS*** of monthly support handled by our dedicated team of Support Wizards.
  • 25% discount on Emergency After Hours Support
  • Access to beta test new products and features before they are released.
  • Invitation to special discounts, events and products.

All this for only $379 per month!

* 1 Hour support response is provided during our normal business hours of 9am – 4pm Pacific Time, Monday thru Friday excluding holidays.  Any request submitted outside of these hours will be responded to within ONE business day. Please note, this is in reference to response time, not actual project completion.

** Slack is a cloud based collaboration tool which syncs across all devices.  If you’ve never heard of Slack, just ask us!”.

*** Support hours are for consultation, fixes, and assistance with the operation of your store or your store’s product features.  Support hours may not be used for web-design, programming or feature builds.  Support hours do not roll over. Any project or service that uses more than 3 hours in a one month period will be billed at a discounted rate of $125 per hour.

****The comprehensive website review uses key points as obtained through research using the Baymard Institute as a guide.  Examples include form field usability, horizontal tabs vs. vertical tab navigation, homepage usability and more.

Do you have more questions?  Ask us!  Simply fill out the form below and we will answer any questions you may have about the Priority Support Program.



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