Our New Billing System

Starting in October 2018 – Your Store Wizards has implemented a new billing system.  We know many of our customers have been with us since the early 2000’s and we’ve used the same billing systems for many years.  We want you to be aware that the way you receive charges from us is changing.

Our new billing system will send automated receipts and notifications of billing issues.  As we transition to our new system, you’ll begin to see separate charges for different services.  For example Search Magic, Feeds, Speed Wizard, etc. will all charge separately.  For this reason, you may begin to see a lot of charges from us that you are not used to.  We kindly ask that if you see a charge that you feel is incorrect, please contact us for clarification.  We appreciate being able to explain the charge to you and provide a receipt versus a chargeback.

Your statements may say different things based on how your bank processes our transactions.  The descriptor on your statement may say “Your Store Wizards”, but in some cases the description may actually provide more information, such as YSW *development.

We appreciate your business and we hope to be serving you for many years to come.

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