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New to eCommerce? How to Drive Traffic to Your New Store

Being the “new kid on the block” can be daunting, especially with so many competitors out there today. Not all eCommerce businesses thrive. Actually, most end up closing shop when they don’t know what exactly to do and are not guided properly.

But you’re in luck because now you can find out which strategies to make use of to drive traffic to your new e-store!

Here they are…

Tip #1: Contact the Bloggers and the Vloggers.

Depending on your niche and what you’re selling, it would be best to reach out to bloggers and vloggers with huge followings. You can simply search for them on Google and YouTube, which wouldn’t be too much trouble.

Of course it would be advisable to check out their content as well as the comments so you can have a feel of their style and of the people who follow them. These people may be your same target market too.

You could make yourself more visible by regularly dropping by and posting relevant comments or just liking the posts and some of the other comments. Be natural and don’t push it too much.

Furthermore, you must try to get in touch with these bloggers and vloggers. They usually have contact info in their websites or you could send a message via social media. Send a short note with a sample photo of your best product. Offer a free trial or sample that they could possibly feature in one of their posts if they like it.

Tip #2: Get Mentioned by Instagram Influencers.

Over the past years, Instagram has gained so much popularity especially when it comes to eCommerce. The orders placed through this platform have increased a lot that they sometimes exceed orders on actual websites of some businesses.

Hence, it’s a wonderful idea to check out the Instagram influencers too. Let’s say you’re selling colored pens and other art materials. You can try searching for artists who showcase their works on IG and have large followings.

Try to make use of the site WEBSTA where you can search for popular hashtags related to your niche. This could lead you to the IG influencers who can feature your items too. Simply send a note and sample photos just like in Tip #1.

Tip #3: Utilize Facebook Ads Properly.

One of the most popular ways today to drive traffic to any site is via FB ads. Before you even launch your new e-store officially, you can already utilize FB ads. It may take some experimentation but you’ll get there and find the most successful ones.

Oftentimes, FB ads work better when your search criteria are more specific and when you have a whole lot less text. Experts say too that boosting posts might work better than actual ads for conversion.

Make sure that the image you use is very appealing to the target market, so much so that they’ll be urged to buy on impulse. You need to pinpoint their pain or pleasure, and use that to trigger emotional responses.

Most are also not aware that it’s better to include the price in your post. This is not only out of personal preference, but it’s a good way for you to filter out those who are not really willing to pay the price. Only those who see the value and appreciate the product will respond.

Tip #4: Start a Blog and Post Relevant Content Regularly.

Blogging is far from dead, and content remains to be king. When you’re giving a lot of great value to potential customers, they’re more likely to flock to your site.

You must certainly have a blog on your online store in which you post relevant content regularly. For instance, if you’re selling mobile phones, blog on useful and fun apps, the latest innovations, and tips on how to make the most of these devices. Be sure that your blog posts are highly optimized.

At times, you could mention popular figures from your niche in your blog. Then send them an email or message that they were mentioned and also the link to your article. Tell them that they could share the article to their audience if they wish. Oftentimes, they’ll do it, which then drives lots of traffic to your own site.

Tip #5: Post Your Online Store on Reddit.

You must realize that so many things are going on at Reddit, especially the ones that are currently trending on the Internet.

Apart from the main page, there are plenty of the so-called subreddits, which are forums on specific areas. For example, if you are selling hair accessories for girls, you might want to check out the haircare forum. Or if you’re offering custom-made necklaces, you could probably look at a niche on jewelry.

When you post about your new e-store, make sure not to make it sound like a sales pitch. Just make it casual and brief, sticking to the main message and the best competitive advantage that you may have. You could probably mentioned your flagship product or what sets you apart from others.

Before you do this, though, you must read the rules to find out if promotions are allowed in a particular subreddit. If you end up breaking this rule on advertising, you might get banned or people there might get turned off.

Tip #6: Get Active on Social Media and Include CTAs.

Social media continues to escalate in popularity, expanding to incorporate the eCommerce world. Your business could easily be a thing of the past if you’re not active on social media.

Vary your social media posts, but keep them all aligned to your branding. This way, you can strengthen your online presence and build your branding early on.

Furthermore, take note that you never know which of your posts will become viral or will garner so many likes. Hence, it is better to include a CTA in each one to drive traffic to your site, even if the image you posted doesn’t have anything to do with it.

Try to apply a couple of these tips and you’ll definitely see the results in your web analytics tool. Your site traffic will increase, which also boosts the likelihood of sales. Good luck and congratulations on your new online store!

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