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How Do You Find the Value of Your Domain?

Isn’t it that a domain is considered real estate on the web? Yes, there are prime properties with prices that shoot up to more than a million dollars. And there are also not-so-valuable domain names that are worth less than five dollars. Some web hosting providers even offer free domains with their packages!

How Domain Value is Determined

If you have been mulling over the sale of your site for some time now, then it’s important for you to understand how the value of a domain is determined.

There are several factors that you ought to consider:

  • Age

One factor that determines the value and price of a domain is how old it is. Some experts claim that anything less than 15 years old cannot be considered premium.

Usually, the older the domain is, the higher the price becomes.

  • SEO

It’s also important to find out if a domain has good ranking on search engine results. You may check it with related keywords to see if it appears on the first page of results or further. That will give you a better idea of the value of the domain.

What’s more, you might consider the content and images, and their effect on SEO. If you can, you could ask a SEO specialist to examine the domain’s content.

  • Suffix

Do you know that the domain suffix has a huge effect on the value and pricing of a domain? This refers to the .com, .asia, .biz, .me, .info, and the like.

Many are aware that the .com suffix has the most value when it comes to domains. It’s because this has become the standard and is very popular among web users. People immediately think of it when searching for a website and are more likely to click on the .com version.

You ought to be aware that new suffixes such as .pizza have also come out. Such specific examples make the domain less valuable. However, it’s essential to note that regional or local-specific suffixes like .uk or .ca may also have high value. Nonetheless, they might be harder to sell.

  • Content

Naturally, what can be found on a domain matters a lot too. There are domains on sale which have been developed over time and actually contain great content already. Perhaps they’re already well-known in their specific niche or industry. Thus, such domains will have greater value and could be priced much higher than others.

If the content is high quality and relevant to the niche, naturally sprinkled with the right keywords but with no spamming, then chances are the domain has better value.

  • Keywords

Speaking of keywords— these are also of great importance when it comes to the domain name. For instance, did you know that Insurance.com was sold for a total of $35.6 million a few years ago? Hotels.com, on the other hand, was sold for $11 million!

These may seem like such simple words, but they are main keywords that are short and very easy to remember. They are also industry-specific, and will surely attract the right market.

Hence, it’s good to consider such main keywords when determining the value of a domain.

  • Brand

Another factor that makes an impact on a domain’s value is the brand. For example, Facebook is the most popular social media brand today. This is why they actually acquired the name FB.com for $8.5 million!

Well-known brand names will definitely increase the value of a domain simply because many people are likely to search for them. The name itself will serve as a magnet for the right audience.

  • Trends

Depending on what’s “in” and “hot” these days, that will also affect the value of a domain. For example, if a lot of people are going crazy over unicorns, then Unicorn.com will probably shoot up in value and price. If the latest fad has to do with a toy called “Bad Dog”, then something like Baddogtoy.com will have greater value too.

It would be helpful too to check out Google Trends where you can find out the interest in a particular keyword. Here you’ll be able to note if it’s actually gaining interest or declining in popularity. You will also be able to compare it with similar keywords.

  • Spelling and Length

Other factors may sometimes seem irrelevant, like spelling and length. But if you study domains that have been sold in the past, you will discover that such things actually matter. It’s important for you to have a shorter domain name that’s easy to recall and that’s spelled correctly.

For example, the domain Giftsforyou.com will have more value than Gifts4U.com simply because the first one is more likely to be typed as a search phrase by people. Meanwhile, Gifts.com is sure to be valued higher because of its shorter length and keyword significance.

The Use of Appraisal Tools

The factors discussed above are also utilized by well-known, trusted appraisal tools online. These appraisal sites like EstiBot, Site Price, URL Appraisal, and Website Outlook will determine the present value and price of your domain.

Oftentimes, these sites will also use Alexa rank, cost per click, monthly searches, and other measurable factors to help determine domain value. However, there are still several other factors to be considered which may not be measured by algorithms of any sort.

Besides, what you must remember is that domain value is also highly determined by how much buyers are actually willing to pay for it.

Whether you intend to sell or buy a domain, surely such tools will give you a better idea of the amount to expect.

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