Merchant Spotlight: TwirlyGirl

Cynthia Jamin is a survivor.  A survivor of a childhood filled with abuse that took her innocence away.  She’s also a survivor in an industry that’s extremely competitive – eCommerce.

Cynthia built a business based on bringing young girls happiness and joy in a childhood she never had.  By channeling that part of her life she missed into creative energy, a new chapter in her life began.

When her daughters were young, she decided that their childhood would be full of happy memories – memories they would cherish for a lifetime.  One of the ways she set out to accomplish this was designing them their own dresses – dresses that were colorful, fun to wear and had a unique feature – they were twirly!

Needless to say, the “twirly dresses” were an instant hit with the girls and word began to spread about Cynthia’s unique creations through the kid’s school.  Moms came to Cynthia asking her to make their own daughters a twirly dress. Since these were all hand-made with only the best materials, they took time to make and cost a great deal more than an off-the-rack dress at the local store.

Those moms didn’t care.

They wanted one of Cynthia’s dresses for their daughters.

Just like that, Cynthia’s business was born!

In 2007, TwirlyGirl hit the Internet in a big way with that same design that was a hit with Cynthia’s own daughters and nearly every girl in the kid’s school!

Fast forward to today, where TwirlyGirl is creating those fantastic childhood memories by outfitting girls around the world with dresses that inspire, are fun and of course, fashionable.

While the original TwirlyGirl dress that launched the business is one of the company’s biggest sellers, other styles are now part of the TwirlyGirl collection.  But to get there takes a bit more than just a simple design. Each dress that Cynthia considers adding must pass the “unique and memorable” test.

Since every woman remembers her favorite childhood dress, when a new design comes across Cynthia’s desk, she asks herself, “will a girl remember this dress forever?”  If the answer is “yes,” the style is chosen. If the answer is “no,” it’s not a fit for TwirlyGirl.

This model has been successful since day-one and continues to be the company’s guiding principle.

Many will say that selling clothing online is difficult due to the lack of a brick-and-mortar location where one can see the product in person, but that has not been a limiting factor for TwirlyGirl.

Your Store Wizards has been a part of Cynthia’s journey for several years now and is one of those clients who continues to inspire us to do better and know that the work we do behind the scenes every day helps business owners be successful.

While we are proud to have the opportunity to work with the TwirlyGirl team, they’re also happy to work with us.  “The Wizards always find creative solutions to our needs. They work fast, efficiently, and are very communicative.  These are all very important attributes that have helped us grow our business,” Cynthia says.

To learn more about TwirlyGirl, how they give back to help prevent childhood abuse, and to get a behind the scenes look at the company through some fantastic and fun videos, visit their website at

This video contains more about Cynthia’s story.  We are sharing with the hope that it will motivate others to be compassionate, be aware, and possibly help others who may be experiencing the same situations.  This video contains mature subject matter that may not be appropriate for younger viewers.

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