BigCommerce Training Video: Introduction to Page Builder

Just like a bricks-and-mortar store relies upon a welcoming facade and easy-to-shop layout to attract customers and get them to buy, an eCommerce store must do the same. From a well designed homepage, to a neatly organized navigation structure and well laid out item pages that provide plenty of information and a path to purchase, your online store’s design is key to success.

Years ago, designing and programming an eCommerce website was laborious, and oftentimes required the store owner to contract out to a design firm to bring their store to life. As technology improved and eCommerce became even more popular, eCommerce platform providers began to bundle in ready-to-use design templates and simple editors that even the less-than tech savvy store owner could use.

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BigCommerce Training Video: User Management

We all know how important security is when we’re using the Internet for online banking, making a purchase, filling out a credit application, etc. We go to great lengths, personally, to make sure we set up complex passwords and never share our login information with others.

When it comes to business, data security and access control is paramount to not only protecting your company data but your customer’s as well. eCommerce stores have a responsibility to ensure that customer data including payment and personal information, order history, etc. is secured.

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BigCommerce Training Video: Product Options

In a previous training video, Don Cole discussed how easy it is to add products to your BigCommerce store. But if you sell items such as clothing or shoes, options such as size, color, size/color, style, etc. need to be set up for your items.

From simple options like size to more complex ones for items that have many variable combinations, BigCommerce can accommodate them with ease.

In this video, Don walks you through the process of setting up product options that can be used on items throughout your entire store. While setting up more complex item options may sound like a complicated process, we guarantee you that it’s easy!

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BigCommerce Training Video: Adding New Products

When it comes to retail, new products are arriving nearly every day. Whether it be seasonal merchandise, a new line, or the latest additions to your own private label. Getting those products live on your eCommerce store quickly is key as inventory that sits unpromoted and unsold is costing you money.

Adding new products to your store should not be a cumbersome task. It should be simple enough that anyone in your front office should be able to do without involving someone from the IT department!

However, we can all agree that some eCommerce platforms make adding new products far more complex than it needs to be.

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It’s Not Too Early to Start Your Holiday 2020 Planning! Here are some Tips.

2020 has thrown many challenges at us, there’s no doubt about it! The eCommerce world has seen growth it’s never seen before due to COVID-19 and the upcoming holiday season is expected to be the biggest yet for online sales.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) reports a 21.2% increase in online and other non-store sales from April 2019 to April 2020. Fueled by stay-at-home orders and a surge of consumers buying online for the first time, this increase was a life saver for many store owners who were concerned about how the pandemic would impact their business.

We may have just turned the page on the calendar to August, but it’s time to begin mapping out a plan for the 4th quarter. After all, you want 2020 to be remembered as the year that broke records for your company!

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