Learn How to Take the Stress Out of Updating Price Lists in BigCommerce

The world of eCommerce has evolved significantly over the past few years. While the initial wave of online stores primarily focused on selling products to individual consumers, the landscape has since expanded to include business-to-business (B2B) transactions. This shift has opened up new avenues for merchants who traditionally sold to consumers (B2C) to tap into […]

Important Information for Shopify Stores: Deprecation of “checkout.liquid” Date Approaching

In February 2023, Shopify announced the deprecation of checkout.liquid, by transitioning to a more robust and secure foundation known as Checkout Extensibility. This move ensures the checkout process is secure, up-to-date, and future-proof. Below is a comprehensive guide to understanding this transition, the timeline for the required upgrades, and the benefits of adopting Checkout Extensibility. […]

Google Goes Mobile-First: Is Your eCommerce Store Ready for July 5th?

In case you’re still not convinced that the majority of shoppers are browsing your eCommerce store and placing orders on their mobile devices, an upcoming Google update is sure to be a wake-up call.  While this update is important in its context, store owners need to understand what types of stores and websites it will […]

The Best Feed Management Tool for BigCommerce

In the highly competitive world of online shopping, visibility and driving sales is paramount. One of the most effective ways to increase sales is by submitting your products to various shopping feeds, especially Google Shopping. Shopping feeds are essential for eCommerce stores because they allow products to be listed on comparison shopping engines (CSEs) and […]

From Turbify to Shopify: A Guide to a Cost-Effective Migration

For years, Turbify (formerly Yahoo! Store) served as a reliable platform for thousands of online businesses. It provided a foundation for entrepreneurs to launch their eCommerce dreams. However, as time went on, the limitations of Turbify became increasingly apparent, prompting many merchants to consider migrating to a more robust platform like Shopify. In this post, […]

Finding the Right Wizard: How to Choose a BigCommerce Developer

Your BigCommerce store is a powerful tool for driving sales and building your brand. But like any powerful tool, it needs ongoing maintenance and updates to function at its best. Whether you’re looking to add new features, update your theme, or optimize your store’s functionality, finding the right developer is crucial. In this day and […]

A Practical Guide to Using the Various Price Fields in BigCommerce

Understanding how to leverage the various price fields in your BigCommerce store can be a game changer with how you set prices, implement strategic promotions, and ultimately boost your sales. This walk through of the various BigCommerce pricing fields and how to use them can help set your store up for eCommerce success. Default Price […]

BigCommerce Theme Updates: Important Info for Stores with Customized Themes

It happens every day, app developers release updates to our smartphone apps, and we click the “update” button.  A few seconds later we have the latest version complete with all the new bells and whistles.  But what about when the “update theme” prompt appears in the backend of your BigCommerce store?  While it may be […]

How to Quickly Update Sale Prices in BigCommerce

Imagine this: your store is overstocked with products from a specific manufacturer, and you need to move them!  You decide to launch a massive clearance sale, but hundreds of items need to be marked down, and the thought of manually editing each sale price in your BigCommerce dashboard sends shivers down your spine. Let’s face […]

How to Make a Million Dollars in One Month Selling Online (The Honest Version)

The internet is flooded with content promising the ultimate get-rich-quick scheme: “Make a million dollars in one month with your own eCommerce store!” Flashy YouTube videos, enticing TikTok clips, and even elaborate blog posts paint a picture of effortless wealth, all it takes is a click and a “dream big” attitude. But before you jump […]