Google Shopping is Free and so is this Must-Read eBook

Last month, we let you know about an exciting change with Google Shopping. A change, that for some merchants, can be a nice shot in the arm. In an effort to stimulate online sales and offer merchants with limited marketing budgets the opportunity to list products in Google Shopping, the search giant made participation in Shopping free.

In order to list your products in Google Shopping, there are some steps you need to take which we outlined in this blog post. Since the announcement, many merchants have asked whether or not we can help them with getting their products listed.

If you’re a BigCommerce or Shopify merchant, there are many different apps available in the platform’s app stores that allow you to submit your products. Yahoo! Store owners will need to use our Feed Wizard tool to pull your store’s items and feed them to Google.

Once your products are submitted, it’s up to you to make sure you’re maximizing both your free and paid shopping listings. In an effort to help with this, our partner Andy Splichal from True Online Presence is offering our clients a free download of his latest eBook, “Make Each Click Count Using Google Shopping.”

Available for free* until June 4, 2020, this book covers:

  • How to properly optimize your Google Merchant Center
  • Strategies and best practices for your Google Shopping ads
  • The different types of automation available for managing your campaigns
  • Advanced techniques for power-users
  • …and more!

    The book can be downloaded for free* from and is a must read for any merchant who is participating in Google Shopping or considering it.

*Free for Kindle Unlimited users, $1.99 otherwise.

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