Survey Says! Let Us Know What You Think About an eCommerce Meet-Up

The question always comes up, “are the wizard’s ever going to do a meet-up or some type of get together for eCommerce store owners?”

Well, I’m here to say…. maybe!  That’s right, we’re considering many different options for such an event and I’d like your feedback.

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Meet the Wizards: Brett Bittke, Developer

When you type something in a search box on a Yahoo! Store running our flagship product, Search Magic, and you’re matched with exactly the product you were looking for, thank Brett Bittke!

Brett is the main developer behind our search application that provides Yahoo! Stores with advanced search capabilities that aren’t found in the eCommerce platform’s default search engine.

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Support for Pinterest Added to Feed Wizard

Feed Wizard, our comparison shopping engine (CSE) feed management application, now supports the popular social media app Pinterest.

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Favicons Arrive in Mobile Search Results. Is Your Store Ready?

Favicons have been around for a while and by now you probably (aka should) have one for your website.  In short, a favicon is that little graphic that appears in the left corner of your browser tab that allows you to quickly identify the site that’s loaded in the tab.

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Your Store Wizards July 2019 Update

Scott SanfilippoIt’s hard to believe the year is half over, but it is and now is the time to take the next few months getting prepped for the busy holiday season.  Online shopping will still reign over bricks-and-mortar and the number of transactions taking place on mobile devices will eclipse years past. Which forces me to ask a very serious question…

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Thanks for Visiting Us at Internet Retailer 2019!

The last week of June found etailers from across the globe meeting in Chicago for the 2019 Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE).  This annual event grows each year and attracts the first-time store owner, the seasoned vet, and every etailer in between.

IRCE is more than just a trade show where you jump from booth-to-booth, it’s also an educational event. Attendees have the opportunity to attend seminars on various topics from customer service and logistics, to latest design trends and marketing.

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